Monday, December 14, 2009

Things That Make You Go HMMM....Zeitgeist

I know ya'll are thinkin, what the hell is Zeitgeist? That's exactly what I was thinking when my friend asked me if I've ever seen the movie. After pulling it up on YouTube, I was instantly hooked. The information shown in these videos will have you on a higher trip than any drug will. The stories & scenarios they give make it hard to believe this isn't true. I don't want to say much, just push play & I'm sure you'll be glued to your screen. I also do want to to state that even tho I am posting this on my blog, this is just to share the information I've obtained. I'm not saying I believe this, I'm not saying I don't, it's just CRAZY!!! & SCARY too. These two vids are the first part's to their sections. There is another video touching on religion which is pretty deep too but I didn't want to post it for certain reasons. If you want to get more into this, just click on the vids to see all parts & more info.

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