Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lil Wayne In Love Again?

I've been seeing pics of Weezy & his bandmate Shanell & always thought there was something goin on between the two. He was always super close to her, touchin her & I know he LOOOOOVES the thickies...Well according to FreddyO, I was right. Here's what his source told him:

“Wayne is so in loves with that girl, I dont know what she did, but he is just mush when it comes to her, He loves her drive, Personality, and the fact that she’s so talented. She’s one of his best friends”
Now that's truly precious. She seems like she's really on his level. If you aren't too familiar with Shanell, she's a singer on the Young Money label. She's also the sister of ex Danity Kane member D. Woods & also wrote Weezy's rock song "Prom Queen".

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