Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amanda Knox Sentenced To 26 Years

The story of Amanda Knox is really heartbreaking. There are two very tragic sides to this story. One side is of Meridith Kercher who was murdered in her own home during what they believe a "group sex" game which also involved drugs. The second side is of Amanda Knox, who was convicted of Meridith's murder, who happened to be her roommate. (Read entire story here)

The trial had been going on for over 2 years in Perugia, Italy, where the two girls went to school. Last week they finally reached a verdict and found Amanda guilty & sentenced her 26 years which is pretty damn light next to the life sentence they were going for.

Amanda's family has been by her side this entire time & has even spent almost, if not more than 1 million dollars on things such as lawyers, travel, food, etc...They plan on appealing the sentence and are asking for donations to help with some of their expenses because it could take over year for the appeal to start. Amanda's Grandmother or "Opa", who was expecting her grand-daughter to come home this weekend, is heartbroken & says she will continue to write her every single Saturday until she comes home.

The family of Meridith had kept quiet until the sentencing & are pleased with the sentence, but do not feel like this a victory and even stated "this is nothing to celebrate".

I am confused with this situation. I read the stories over & over. I watch the news over & over & still can not believe anyone. When I see this girl on TV it's hard to believe that she would do such a thing, or even be involved in such a terrible crime, but then it makes me wonder: who did it then? Where is Merdith's "boyfriend" & why did he not get a trial too? Maybe one day we'll find out...I'm sure this will be a Box Office hit as well. SMH.

Wanna help the Knox family? Click here to donate & read more about Amanda!

Amanda Knox won an essay competition in jail with her story about a violent sex party....!? WTH?! Read details here.

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