Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

My Name is Wizzle.

Beanie Babys!

Malia & Sasha are now Beanie Babies! CRACKIN! I just love what is happening in our country.


just click got me speechless w. tears in my eyes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Can't Help But Wait RMX w. Trey Songz.

Monday, January 19, 2009


These 2 kill me already, but now their tryna be corny & wear Obama gear? These 2 dumbasses were McCain supporters to the max, but now this his old ass ain't comin into office, they wanna show support to my guy Obama? UGH. They discuss me in every way.


Here's Queen Bey & Usher in DC for the We Are One concert. But why does Bey look so damn stiff like that? She looks like a mannequin! Lookin good Ush!


I love them. They are the cutest couple ever. Actually not the cutest, but the best! & so stylish as well.


Somebody get this damn white girl! 'Cause this is a hott ass mess & the little boy needs Jesus 'cause he actually looks like he's enjoying this! OH HELL NO!

Kid number 6 for TI

Its rumored that TI's wifey Tiny is preggers with his 6th kid. Daaaa-yum. This foo is tryna have himself a damn football team.

It's also rumored that TI has some beef with Pretty Boy Floyd 'cause he keeps tryna get on with Tiny. Ain't that some shit? She got 2 fine ass guys beefin over her ass and she's straight boogie! I guess she must have that A1.....LOL.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Gimme What You Got w. Chris Brown.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So it's MLK Day tomorrow so that means a lot of people have no school or work tomorrow. What happens when there's an extra day off for everyone? PARTY TIME! Where are you going tonight? Well if you don't have your plans put together yet, here are a couple of spots you can hit up if you live in The Town (Seattle).

StarBar: It's 18+ & I'm pretty sure theres gonna be a bar in there for the over 21 year olds. It's located right in Pioneer Square.

Ibiza's: 21+. It's free & the best DJ in Washington, DJ Charma will be there as well as DJ Kun Luv. Now thats on the corner of I think 2nd & James, right down the street from the County.

Vertigo: 21+ as well. Its in Bellevue & it's a very nice place! Nice & upscale.

These are all the spots that are probably gonna be crackin. Before this? If you have nothing to do there's gonna be a Hair Show @ the Columbia City Theater going on from 9-11 PM & my best friend Kiasha is gonna be in it too! So get it THERE!

iPod Touch

Okay, maybe I'm a little late but so what, I just got an iPod touch & I am in freakin love with it! First of all, its touch screen which is crackin. Then you can put a bazillion songs on there cause the lowest amount of GB's you can get is 8. But now I just downloaded some games & I don't think I'll ever put the thing down. The bowling game on here is just like the Wii! You actually act like your throwing the ball! Theres also a game called "Tap Tap" which is crackin. It's like Dance Dance Revolution, but better.

Anyways, If you don't have an iPod touch yet, GO GET YOU ONE RIGHT NOW!!!


The Cards are going to SuperBowl 43. Sorry to all you Eagles fans but they just couldn't stop the under dogg this time! Now the Ravens are playing the Steelers right now & I want the Ravens to win, but I think the Steelers are just gonna take it this time. We'll have to see what happens in the next few hours...I hope I'm right!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day

Soooo yesterday's song was "Murder She Wrote" with Trey Songz. Ya'll must download that ASAP! Now todays song? "Do My Thang" watch me do my THANG! =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I finally got a damn lap top everyone! YAYYYY! But whats been makin me sluff is that I don't have any internet on here! But thanks to the help of my beezie Kiasha, I can now get on the internet so expect more blogs everday! Thanks to everyone who actually comes on here and read my postings. I appreciate it soooo much. =)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

My bad, forgot to post yesterday's song. It was March It Out.

Today's song? They Know RMX. w. Shawty Lo & Jeezy. Yeeeeah


& everyone thought I was wrong! Today during the first NFC divisional game, the Card's were playing the un-defeated (at home) Panthers. The Card's also had a bad record on the east coast, losing all of their games that were on eastern time. I had my picks today and stuck to it. I knew the Arizona was gonna win this one. Steve Smith is one hell of an athelete, but Fitzgerald is just crazy.

Anyway, long story short, they won! HA-HA! I knew they would win. Can't wait for the games tomorrow.

The Steelers will be in New York playing the Giants @ 10AM on FOX.
The Chargers will be in Pittsburg playing the Steelers @ 1:45PM on CBS.
*all PACIFIC times.

Rock It Out!

I guess my boo is a true rock star! Drake revealed that his mentor, Lil Wayne, will be coming out with a rock album & that he has a track on there too.

I don't care what anyone has to say, my baby's still eatin! & I bet your still gonna buy the album too! =)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Common & Taraji Henson!

I guess Common has gotten over the bootylicious Serena Williams cause its being reported now that he is dating actress Taraji Henson. If this is true, (which probably is), I am 10x too happy for them. Common is gorgeous & so is she. Not to mention she's really starting to make it to A-list status!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Party time!

Theres a couple of places going on tonight if your looking for something to do! You can go to Twilight which is by the old Tabella's, there's Ibiza's if you love you some asians, Last Supper Club is supposed to be crackin as well. My friend, the best DJ in Washington will be dj'ing there (DJ Charma). & if your wanna get it down south, get it to Johnny's off 348th. I'm sure I'll be seeing some of you out tnite! =)

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

High Beamn' 8)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

We Gettin It RMX. w. JR Writer

*awwww, he reminds of someone real FRESH =/

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

8 Racks, GONE!

I guess it doesn't matter if your famous or not, your ass still gotta pay child support. With that being said, yummy rapper T.I. had to fork over $8,000 in child support to one of his baby's mom's LaShon Dixon.

Now you know damn well she ain't gonna spend that whole 8 thou wow on her kids. That bitch is about to get herself a Gucci bag or somethin! I'm sayin....

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Throne w. Princess from Crime Mob.


YOU add the caption!

Last night Vibrant & whoever else threw a party which was supposed to feature Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace & Brandon Roy, but of course AI didn't show up, not even Brandon Roy, but Mr. Wallace was there. Anyways, it was pretty coo, took a bunch of pictures & this picture right here is just too funny. The expressions & all. So what I want ya'll to do is ADD YOUR OWN CAPTION! =) I can't wait to see what ya'll are gonna say.

*In picture: Aubrey, DP, Ms. Casey CARTER & Candice.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Since I'm talkin about my favorite shows, my most FAVORITE show ever is Heroes. If you haven't heard about it, then you must be living under a rock! Anyways, it's about normal people that have special powers, like flying, not being able to die, and can stop time. Crackin. Basically its like a comic book on tv. I love it. It's in its 3rd season now, but it's not too late to hop on the Heroes band wagon! You can catch up on all the seasons on They have full episodes, yes FULL episodes with little commercial interuptions! So if your bored, at home and love cool things, I suggest you check it out!

New episodes begin February 2nd! NBC @ 9PM.

Jon & Kate Plus Eight

If you know me, then you know this is one of my FAVORITE shows. I am border-line obssessed, lol. Anyways, its about a couple, Jon & Kate. She's white, he's half Korean & white. She wasn't able to get pregnant so they ended up doing fertility treatments, and got pregnant with twin girls. They ended up trying for one more and ended up with sextuplets! 3 more girls & 3 boys. The kids names are Mady, Kara, Collin, Joel, Aaden, Leah, Alexis & Hannah. I could tell you about each of them & their personality, but I'll let you get to know them yourself. You guys seriously should watch this show! The kids are toooooo freakin precious. Everyone that I put onto this show now is in love with it! =)

It's on TLC (The Learning Channel) so check your local listings!

Chris Paul & Girlfriend Expecting!

Chris Paul & his girlfriend, Jada Crawley are expecting a baby boy. The couple has been together since the beginning of college & also even planned the preganancy! AWWWWW! Too precious! Congrats!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Things U Do w. Lloyd & Young Keno

Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm glad I wasn't one of the losers who paid to see Ne-Yo on New Years at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue (Wa) 'cause I know a lot were mad, but not surprised that his gay ass didn't show up. Now on a lot of the gossip & news websites, they're reporting it! LOL. Thats funny. & the sponosors, Wet Entertainment, are MIA. I guess their website can't be found online & the manager for the company? Well his phone is turned off. LMAO! What a mess, but what did ya'll expect? ITS TOWN BIDNESS BABY! =D

New Music!

Please go check out my radio page on MySpace. & If you haven't added me as a friend, please do so NOW! I just added some new songs for you to listen to as well as download. Trust me, your gonna love at least 3 of the songs! I KNOW IT! Now go already!


J-Hud NOT singing at Inauguration

It was reported that Jennifer Hudson was going to sing the Star Spangled Banner @ President-Elect Barack Obama's inauguration on January 20th, but her rep is saying there is no truth to this. It would've been her first appearance/performance since her family tragedy. She still must need time, and Jennifer, take ALL THE TIME in the world. =)

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

I Love You w. my beezie Keyshia Cole.

"I be blowing up the bombest green Make me step into that time machine Let’s step into that time machine Tell you what I’ve seen Tell you where I been And every day I dream about How it seem like everyday was February 14 Cupid on beam, that arrow’s sting We were more than a fling We were more like a ring..."

Young Love!

Its rumored that Chris Brown & Rihanna are ENGAGED! Yes, ENGAGED! They're saying he popped the question over the New Year.

I hope this is true, they are too damn precious.
*Sorry Keak, I can't help it! I'm a sucka for love. We'll find you a new boo soon. =)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I know ya'll seen the infomercial for this damn joke called a "Snuggie". I can't believe someone actually came up with this, let alone theres people who are actually going to buy it. It looks like a damn over sized robe or sweater. Plus you look stupid as hell with it on.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Now if your from the town, then you probably know what AIM is. I mean everyone should know what it is, but to us, its kinda a big deal. Everyone has sidekicks which means everyone has AIM.

Now this shit has gotten out of hand. I know a whole bunch of people who strictly got sidekicks so their nosey asses could be on AIM, which is sad. & now those same people are "leaving it alone" because they can't deal with the bullshit. Whats corny is that they brought all that bullshit to themselves. No one ever said you had to broadcast your whole damn life & all your business on your away message. I know some people who will put whats going on in their love lifes, personal life, family life & even some other peoples business. Then theres the people who make shit up to just entertain everyone. Why the hell don't you just move to Vegas or LA & go entertain down there cause the shits getting old.

I think everyone needs to just calm down about the situation & be easy one time. Its NOT THAT SERIOUS! I'm just sayin....


Sorry I'm a bit late, but HAPPY NEW YEARS errbody. Hope everyone enjoyed their night & may this year bring everyone happiness! =)