Friday, October 31, 2008

Free Ice Cream!

Not only can you get a free star-shaped doughnut for voting, you also can now get a free scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's! Who woulda thought voting woulda been so fatning?

I'm a G! I'm a G!

Last night I celebrated Halloween a bit early 'cause my girl Cindy has to work tnite. I was a gangster (like a old style mobster one) & she was a flight attendant. =)

I can't wait for tnite! Come back tmorrow & you'll see what I choose to be tnite! =)

Lil Wayne Song of the Day(s)

So I was super busy gettin ready to hang out so I didn't get a chance to post my song yesterday. Sluffin, huh? Anyways here goes the songs...

Today? Its "Say Yeah" w. Wiz Khalifa & Jody Breeze.
Love how they took the Alice DJ beat. This kids pretty coo. I love Jody Breeze too. GREAT SONG!

Good Morning!

Oh geeze, I've been awake for more than 24 hrs. This is night in the northend though.

Anyways, look how effin precious Dawn & Que are. AWWWW! I'm jealous! =/

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Even Stevens

Shia Labeouf has come a long way since the Disney show "Even Stevens". From playing the roll of an annoying little brother, Louis Stevens, to lead roll's in Transformer's & Indiana Jones. He also has turned into one little hottie & it doesn't hurt 'em that he is a bit of a bad boy. Yum. Except those shoes...He might wanna call Spencer for some advice on some kicks! =)

Free doughnuts! COOL!

Don't forget to vote on November 4th!! & after you get your "I Voted" sticker, go to Krispy Kreme's for a free cute doughnut! I know I will =)

Good Morning!

Look at the ladies from the view. They all decided to dress up as previous presidents. LtoR: Whoopi is Theodore Roosevelt, Joy is Theodore Roosevelt too. Sherri is the Abe Lincoln Penny, Elizabeth is Ronald Regan & Barbra Walters is obviously George Washington. These ladies are too funny! I would love to be a guest on their show one day! =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Casey CARTER Radio

Wanna hear some new songs? Wanna hear some of the best songs you'll ever hear? Wanna know what to download? GO TO MY RADIO PAGE!!!


TI on Chelsea Lately

This broad is too funny. Enjoy!

*& yes, I do agree girl, he is very cute & his smile is soooo bomb.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Avant ft. Lil Wayne - You Know What.

Hmm..brings me back to 2005!

"What you know about your legs in the air, with your head in the chair, with my hands in your hair"


Good Morning!

Hotels in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area have been getting robbed lately. He's been coming behind the counter, taking the money & if he feels like it, he's been assaulting the clerks. He's robbed over 10 hotels now. Well maybe its him, or maybe its someone who is trying to be like him. Either way, I hope my hotel doesn't get robbed. I'd be HOT, especially if I knew him, LOL.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Believe that w. his daddy, Birdman.

Puttin on for Obama.

As reported from

"A Warren Township, Ohio, man faces charges of felonious assault after authorities say he fired his rifle at two teens who were attempting to deface his McCain presidential campaign yard sign.

Kenneth Rowles, 50, pleaded not guilty to the charge Monday, according to CNN affiliate WBNS.

Bail was set at $10,000.

Rowles told police he was sitting on his porch Saturday when a tan SUV pulled up and a black youth jumped out and ran toward his house, screaming, "This is for Obama."

He said another male was hanging out of the passenger window screaming the same thing.

Rowles said he went inside, got his rifle and fired three shots to scare the youths away, according to a Warren Township police report.

He told officers he believes that the men "were the same two that have been destroying his McCain sign."

Just hours before the shooting, Rowles called police and said that a car had stopped in front of his house and that a black male "ran up and said something about Obama," according to the report, and "damaged his sign again."

One of the youths, 17-year-old Kyree Flowers, was shot in the arm, according to a police report. He and the second youth, Patrick Wise Jr., 16, told police they were in the car attempting to leave when Rowles fired at them.

"Kyree stated that he witnessed the homeowner trying to shoot Patrick but he was having trouble chambering a round," the police report said.

The teens admitted that they had defaced the McCain sign several times, Warren Township police Lt. Don Bishop told CNN.

Rowles' is the only McCain sign on a street full of Obama signs, he said.

Bishop said the teenagers probably will not be charged -- and are unlikely to damage campaign signs again, as the incident scared them."

These boys were trying to put on for their country. Lol. It was wrong of them to try & do that to the old man's sign, but he DID NOT have to pull out the burner! Shame...SHAME!

Little Pookies!

Little Harlow Madden is so freakin precious. She looks just like her daddy. Here she is with her cool momma Nicole at a pumpkin patch.

But I think this little girl has to be the cutest of them all. Little Suri Cruise leaving Build a Bear with Daddy, Mr. Cruise. She is too effin adorable!


Damnit, I gotta wait 2 effin weeks for the new episode of Heroes. NBC is actin super homo-thug.

Pimp DOWN!

In the Bay area: Oakland, Concord, San Jose, Campbell, Morgan Hill, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, San Rafael and San Francisco, more than 100 people have been arrested for child prostitution. There was also a sting called "Operation Cross Country II" which was a 3-day operation which resulted in 642 arrests in 29 cities. That was 73 alleged pimps and 518 alleged prostitutes.

DAMN! Now that's a lot of tax-less people!


A couple in Las Vegas left their infant baby in front of hotel Imperial Palace. The couple was arguing and left the baby, then started gambling for about an hour. They're charged with child neglect & a felony for child endangerment.

WTF is wrong with people? You would think its 2008, some people would have more damn sense than this. I guess stupidity will never go extinct.


Our country just got another hot soccer player & he's playing for my city's team, the Seattle Sounders! YAY! Freddy Ljungberg. He's from Sweeden & is also a Calvin Klein undwear model. I think I will be attending a game or 2 this season =). Move over David Beckham, theres a new sheriff in town!

Weezy, Weezy, Weezy...OH HELL NO.

I love Ms. PEREZ Hilton, but he's beefin today, talkin super wreckless about my boo, Weezy. Read about it here.

Good Morning!

Top of the Mornin to ya! Wanna know something crazy? So my buddy Charlie is a funny guy & he had this picture as his icon on AIM so I asked him what it was & he sent me the picture. The picture was a sketch of a wanted sex offender in Wallingford, Wa, but what was so funny was that it looked JUST LIKE him! LOL. Take a look yourself.

CRAZY, huh! Charlie, you better be careful! Lol.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Danity Kane: Only 2 members left??

Z100 in New York is reporting that Shannon has now quit the group! Apparently she was tired of the drama & ish...So long girl! I will miss ya! But now you get to enjoy your husband & your kiddos!

& now maybe Dawn can come out on the dolo! Yay!
I'm just sayin...

This skootchie!

This broad is ill to the nah-nah. VP HO-peful, Sarah Palin went off script on Sunday during her speech in FL. She addressed the issues regarding her wardrobe and how the Republican National Committee has spent over $150,000 on clothes & accessories on Mrs. Palin & her family.

The McCain party isn't too happy with her doing this, & its not the first time she's done it. A McCain source also is saying that she is only looking out for herself during this campaign & that she is a "diva" & that she does not listen to anyone
else nor have trust with anyone, not even her family.

& this who crazy people want to have as our Vice President & could even be our president?! WTF is our country coming to? Everyone please vote this year, & please vote right. Our country NEEDS this.


Look @ this little nugget right here! He is 10x too precious. Can you guess what his costume is?

Dog the Bounty Hunter! lol.

Weezy, Weezy, Weezy....Lil Wayne Song of the Day

So if you don't know by now, I LOVE me some Weezy F. Baby. So I started a "Song of the Day" & I said I'd have one for every single day, until I ran out...until there was no more songs! So I started this in June this year & haven't missed a day since.

I must say, some of my friends are calling me a little crazy, which is fine, because the ones that aren't ask me when they see me, "what's the Weezy song of the day?" joking & not. I love it. People are recognizing what it is!

So here are all the songs. I will be posting my songs on here now so ya'll non-MySpacers can also view them. =)

6/4 - Mr. Carter W. JayZ
6/5 - Diamonds on my Damn Chain W. Fab
6/6 - I'm Me
6/7 - Drop it like its Hot Freestyle
6/8 - Walk In
6/9 - Money on my Mind
6/10 - Lollipop w. Static Major
6/11 - Earthquake
6/12 - Ask them Hoes
6/13 - Something your Forget
6/14 - Hot Girl w. Hot Boys
6/15 - We Taking Over Freestyle
6/16 - Tell Me remix w. Bobby
6/17 - Breaking my Heart
6/18 - Nigga w. Money
6/19 - Reciept
6/20 - Man of the Year
6/21 - Poppin Remix w. Chris Brown & Juelz
6/22 - Lisa Marie
6/23 - Studio Love W. T-Pain
6/24 - Money, Cars, Clothes
6/25 - Beat w.out Bass
6/26 - Never Get It
6/27 - Me & My Drank feat. Short Dawg
6/28 - Aint Worried `Bout Shit w. Birdman
6/29 - Nasty w. out Ciara
6/30 - Done It
7/1 - Gettin it Ft. The Cool Kids
7/2 - Grown Man Ft. Currency
7/3 - Pray To The Lord
7/4 - UpGrade U
7/5 - Need Some Quiet Time
7/6 - Brand New
7/7 - Leather So Soft
7/8 - Rider
7/9 - Kush
7/10 - A Millie Ft. Cory Gunz
7/11 - Tha Carter
7/12 - Mrs. Officer
7/13 - Kiss Me Baby
7/14 - Crying Out For Me Remix w. Mario
7/15 - Lets Talk
7/16 - California Love w. Tyga
7/17 - Mr. Postman
7/18 - Go DJ
7/19 - Fireman
7/20 - Got Money w. T-Pain (summer jam!)
7/21 - Pussy Monster
7/22 - Pussy MVP
7/23 - The Block is Hot
7/24 - Get High Rule the World
7/25 - Love in this Club rmx. w. Usher & Beyonce
7/26 - Smokin Section
7/27 - S on my Chest
7/28 - Rock Bottom w. Pleasure P
7/29 - Freak Conversations w. Jay-Z & Tupac
7/30 - Phone Home
7/31 - Get Em
8/1 - I Can't Believe It w. T-Pain
8/2 - Hustler Music
8/3 - Private Dancer
8/4 - Feelin Me w. Nivea
8/5 - I'm Raw
8/6 - Love Like This Remix w. Natasha Bedingfield & Sean Kingston
8/7 - Young`n Blues
8/8 - Army Gunz w. Birdman
8/9 - Zoo w. Mack Maine
8/10 - Prostitute Flange
8/11 - Real Rap/Amen
8/12 - Comfortable w. Baby Face
8/13 - I'm the Truth
8/14 - King Kong
8/15 - Cutty Buddy w. Mike Jones & T-Pain
8/16 - Only Way
8/17 - Navigator Man w. Mack Maine
8/18 - It's Time to Give me Mine
8/19 - I Can Take Your Girl w. Drake & Nutt Da Kid
8/20 - American Superstar w. Flo-Rida
8/21 - Gettin Some Head
8/22 - Flashing Lights Remix w. Kanye & Jay-Z
8/23 - Yeah Developer/Pump That Bass
8/24 - 3AM/Its Killing Me
8/25 - Pimpin w. Game
8/26 - Help
8/27 - Stunt When I See You w. Bow Wow
8/28 - My Nigga
8/29 - Lollipop Remix w. Kanye
8/30 - Real Shit
8/31 - Grew Up a Screw Up
9/1 - Stunt Hard w. Drake & Nutt Da Kid
9/2 - Soldier w. Destiny's Child & T.I.
9/3 - We Come & See About It
9/4 - Gossip
9/5 - Thinking of You w. Tyga
9/6 - Pussy, Money, Weed
9/7 - Brand New w. Lyfe Jennings
9/8 - Girls Around the World w. Lloyd
9/9 - Hot Shit w. Juelz
9/10 - Apologize rmx. w. One Republic & Bun B
9/11 - Lost w. Gorilla Zoe
9/12 - Ransom w. Drake
9/13 - Can't tell me Nothin rmx. w. Kanye & Busta
9/14 - I'm a DBoy
9/15 - I Know the Future w. Mack Maine
9/16 - Boom
9/17 - Cali Dro w. Birdman
9/18 - I Don't Want You To See Me Cry
9/19 - Shoot Me Down
9/20 - Get It Shawty rmx w. Lloyd
9/21 - Back That Ass Up w. Juve
9/22 - 9MM
9/23 - Turn Off w. Keri Hilson
9/24 - Holla @ a Playa
9/25 - Hawaii 5.0
9/26 - Front Door, Living Room Floor
9/27: Pop Bottles
9/28: Wish You Would
9/29: Get Over
9/30: Bitch Please w. Yung Berg & Brisco
10/1: Haterz w. Glasses Malone
10/2: Seat Down Low
10/3: Mean Car Game w. Twista
10/4: New Cash Money w. Brisco
10/5: Did It Before
10/6: I Want This Forever w. Drake & Nutt Da Kidd
10/7: Love of my Life
10/8: Lights, Camera, Action
10/9: Hoes Sing
10/10: Phase w. Danity Kane
10/11: Mic Check 1,2
10/12: Trouble
10/13: This What I Call Her
10/14: Make It Rain w. Fat Joe
10/15: Diamonds & Girls w. Brisco
10/16: BM J.R.
10/17: Brand New w. Drake
10/18: Self Destruction
10/19: I Know What I'm Doin w. Birdman
10/20: Be Me
10/21: Operate On Me
10/22: Eat You Alive
10/23: Love Me Or Hate Me
10/24: 504 Jordan
10/25: Leanin Low w. Juelz & Chubby Baby
10/26: Kisha
10/27: Rude Boy

Jennifer Hudson's nephew's body found.

Very sad. Jennifer Hudson's 7 year old nephew's body was found today in a white SUV that authorities told the public to keep an eye out for. The main suspect in this case? The boy's step father, William Balfour, who is in custody at this time. My prayers go out to Ms. Hudson & her family.

Weezy, Weezy, Weezy....Signed to the ROC?

RUMOR! It's been reported that Mr. Carter has signed onto the join the other Mr. Carter on his label. Now you know my boo ain't cheap, but Jay forked over $5 Million to have the rights to Weezy. Yes, thats it! Considering, if true, how much money this man is going to make for him.

For a while now, there's been buzz in the air saying this was going to happen, so if it is true, GREAT. Hopefully Jay can knock some sense back into my boo so he can get back to the NORMAL Wayne...He's been lost in his own sauce for a minute.

Here's my boo back in his home, New Orleans at a concert this weekend. Ya'll ever notice his ears? hmmm...kinda gross. Lol. & He's still rockin that ring! =/

*thanks mediatakeout!

Good Morning!

Boy am I pooped. Great weekend, can't wait for this weekend to come! I love Halloween, don't you? What are you going to be?

Friday, October 24, 2008


So here's some thangs I had on my page...

Take a look @ this picture. This is deep. Very deep. BlackStreet DEEP. If you look closely you can see that is our future President, Mr. Barack Obama. He was in St. Louis giving a speech and about 100,000 people attended.

Do you see this? This is a republican dominated state, but this is just beautiful. Obama is leading this state by just 2%, but the outcome of this crowd can speak for itself.

Please DO NOT forget to put on for your country & vote for Obama/Biden. Our country is in NEED of this.

In other election news, did ya'll see this scalliwag, Palin on SNL? She has really turned into somethin. I mean, yeah we all wear Obama on our shirts & some of the people are just wearing it for fashion & not the reason, but Obama didn't ask for this, but this skeeze is really loving her 15 minutes of fame. I bet after this election when they LOSE, she'll still be craving for some of that attention trying to do as many appearances she can. WOMP WOMP!

Lil Jon said it...GET LOW!

Check out these white boys gettin dooooooooooooown at a club in Kirkland, Wa. HAHAHA. I swear, this is just too funny. I love how you can't see any of the girls, but you can mos def see the guys twerkin out their booties. Check out the guy with the white shirt, he has collar popped!

If you needed a laugh, your welcome.

Spencer Pratt & his shoe game

Ya know I really don't care for this character. He's such a dummie & he reminds me a lot of some of the guys here in Seattle. At first likes the girl a lot, then basically fucks around on her, then when she's ready to leave, he gets all crazy and tells her she can't leave and just gives her 100% of his attention so she won't leave. Ironic right?

Anyways, I've noticed this foo really loves JO's (Jordan's)! Especially the 5's. He's always rockin em!

Here's some examples...

Cassie to be new member of Danity Kane?

Oh hell no. So I read on one of my favorite gossip sites, that Cassie could possibly be the new member of Danity Kane. It isn't a fact yet, but if so, oh lord.

First of all this chick couldn't sing if her life depended on it. I ain't gonna front, I loved her song "Me & You" when it first came out. I was at the club giggin when I would hear it. Then she just died down after that. I mean come on, she has Weezy on her latest single, "Official Girl" & it still sounds like crap to my ears. If he couldn't help her out, I don't know what will. I will say that she is a very beautiful girl (no homo) & I think she should just stick to video modeling. She did a great job in the Kanye "Stronger" video.

It's funny cause I always said that Diddy was hookin up with Aubrey & thats why she always was able to come back at him so smartly. Maybe he just got tired of the broad & finally let her go. Now Cassie? It's always been a rumor that he's been smackin those. I wouldn't doubt it anyway, cause how the hell could this tone-def girl get signed to a MAJOR record label?

Let's just hope Danity Kane get it together & provide us with more entertainment for "Making the Band"!

Fresh Prince...on the DL?

So they're saying that Will Smith may be gay...or something like it. A Hollywood Madame that just moved her business over to the Big Apple said that Mr. Smith has been a client of hers for some time now. Before she could place his order, she had to reassure him plenty of times that this was not going to be leaked at all. It was said that he ordered 2 MALE escorts.

Will Smith hasn't commented on this yet, but I sure hope he does soon because I don't want to believe this! Not The Fresh Prince!

Weezy, Weezy, Weezy....Baby momma!

Alright so everyone has been buzzing about this whole "Lil Wayne baby momma" thing. So heres all the scoop I've been reading up on....

First Lil Wayne announced at the filming of the BET Hip-Hop awards
on Saturday when he received an award that he was expecting a son in a "couple of days". That was a shocker to a lot of people, well I think everyone 'cause I don't think anyone but his close peers knew about this one.

Also at the awards he was wearing a ring on his ring finger, which led people to believe that he was in fact married.

Who was the lucky lady droppin the baby, & who
was this rapstar married to? Most people were pointing to his old flame, Nivea. She had just recently divorced singer, The American Dream & people have been saying they were getting back together, or were back together. She even had a new song that she did with Yung Money artist Mack Maine titled "Happy Bday Wayne" on her MySpace page in which she said she loved him more than she has ever loved him.

I believed it was Nivea too, and was so happy for the 2 because I loved them together. Plus she was there before the big "Wayne Hype" came to full effect. Also his songs he wrote about her after their break-up were some of the best "bitch songs" I ever heard.

Now when I say "bitch songs", I mean songs that are soft & for the females but are by rappers.

BUUUUUT, we were all wrong. It wasn't Nivea who was having a baby. It was a vietnamese/white girl named Sarah from Cincinatti, Ohio who was the one who had the baby! She had a boy on Wednesday, October 22nd. The babies name is Dwayne Michael Carter III. I read that the girl is fresh 21 and also has another kid. She's also rumored to have fucked with a Bengal's player & maybe even some other celeb's.

I ain't knockin her though, she is cute & I know that baby is gonna be so adorable regardless of how ugly everyone think Wayne is. Black/Asian/White? Oh yeah, thats gonna be a little pretty boy right there. & as The Best Rappe
r Alive as his father, you know he's set.

DAMN! This took everyone, including me, by total suprise!! I did not expect this one at all. First off a new baby? Then it's by this asian girl? I knew Wayne liked asian girls though. Haha, after watching that video with Poppa Birdman, "I Run This" & the T-Wayne video for "I Can't Believe It", I figured he had to have had something for us rice eaters =).

Congrats to you both though on a new son! I can't wait t
o see what the little gobblin looks like!

Oh yeah & the ring on his ring finger? They're saying that him & Nivea are in fact toge
ther & they are working things out. It's not a wedding ring or an engagment ring, but more so a "promise" ring to her. He's "married to the game" right now & thats it. I hope those 2 work out, like I said, I love them together.
*thanks to for the pics & the joose.

Finally starting this bad boy up!

Hola world! The names Casey CARTER. I finally started up my own blog site & I hope you all enjoy this. =) I recently started my "radio" page on & I must say I have been gettin some-what of some love from my peers. Not as much as I wanted, but oh well, fame starts slow, ya know.

I think I'm still going to keep my "radio" page though & keep posting songs & things that have to do with music. I always find all the new songs, so why not share it with yall?

Wanna check out the radio page? please go to I'm sure you'll hear a song your in love with or haven't heard. One or the other, your gonna love it.

So anyways, back to me. The reason I started doing this is because I just realized one day I know a lot of joose & why not comment on it? I always have an opinion on everything. I love the celebrity gossip world and also always know and find out EVERYTHING. Whether it be in the Hollywood world, or in the real world like here in my lovely city of Seattle! why not blog about it? I also really really REALLY want to be on the radio. I just think that would be a perfect job for myself. I don't think I've shut up since I learned how to talk, so why not do what I love most, listen to music & talk!

I hope you all enjoy this blog & hopefully you come back for more and more...and more!!