Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Next Day Air" Premier

It was date nite at the premier of Benny Boom's "Next Day Air". Mike Epps brought his wifey, precious couple Eva & Lance were there,"Paid In Full" star Wood Harris also brought his wifey, "Clueless" & "Scrubs" star Donald Faison brought girlfriend Casey (Jessica Simpsons BFF & old assistant), Daren Henson brought his new chick & Laker Derek Fisher brought his wifey. "Next Day Air" will be in theaters May 8th. I can't wait to see this movie. Mike Epps is too funny.

Nas & Kelis Divorce.

Sad, but true. Hip-Hop royalty couple Nas & Kelis are gettin a divorce. Caught this exclusive on Read on for more on the story...

One of hip hop’s most talked about married couples have split. VIBE has confirmed that Nas and Kelis are headed for a divorce. “I can confirm that she has filed for divorce,” a spokesperson for Kelis told VIBE. “We request the media to respect her privacy during this very difficult time.” At around 3:45pm PST, high-powered attorney Laura Wasser (who has also represented Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Stevie Wonder) filed a divorce petition today on behalf of Kelis, citing irreconciable differences. The bombshell comes amid recent reports that the acclaimed rhymer and influential R&B vixen were expecting their first child together—a son. Kelis is currently seven months pregnant.

It was only last February when Nas spoke excitedly to MTV about the prospect of having a baby with Kelis. “Yeah, man, I find out what it's gonna be next week, so I'm happy," said the multiplatinum rapper, who also has a 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Nas and Kelis first met in 2002 at a MTV Video Music Awards afterparty thrown by hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. “I wasn’t going to go, but I’m glad I did,” Nas told VIBE in June 2003. “Then at the afterparty, I met my girl.” Kelis remembered the meeting with her future husband vividly: “Everyone moves out of the way, and Nas stands up, and I put my hand out, and I’m like, Hey, I’m Kelis. And he goes, ‘Who?’… So I’m crawling into a fucking hole, and he’s like, ‘Wait-huh? What’s your name? And I’m like, Kelis, and he’s like, ‘Oh, well that’s great, because I’ve been waiting to make you my wife all these years.’” When Nas told her of his bold marital plans, she replied in typical Kelis form. “That’s great, because that’s all I wanna be.”

After dating for two years, the pair married in a small ceremony in Atlanta on July 28, 2003. Their relationship even sparked artistic collaborations, with Nas appearing on Kelis’ sensual single "In Public," featured on her 2003 release Tasty (Star Trak/Arista). Kelis returned the favor on the Queensbridge, N.Y., MC’s controversial 2006 work Hip Hop Is Dead (Def Jam) on “Not Going Back.” Yet, since March of 2008, rumors of the couple separating have been circulating on the Web. Nas’ spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

Awwww =*(. I think Vibe might wanna re-read what they put out tho 'cause it says they met in 2002, then after "2 years of dating" they got married in 2003? I think they meant 2005.


-Kube 93's Eddie Francis is celebratin his birthday @ Twilight.
-StarBar for all you young'ns.
-SharkBar in Kirkland.

John Legend...YUM!

Who knew he looked this good? DAAAAAAAYUM.

Murs - The Science

Seriously one of my new favorite rappers. You could learn a thing or 2 from him. Wake up world!

Drake On Weezy's MAGIC =)

Featured Song of the Day!

Mike Jones - Swag Thru The Roof.

The song is hot & you know its already my ringtone. =) & I must add Mike Jones has come A LOOOOONG way from when he first came into the scene. Kudos to you Mr. Jones!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Spit w. Kevin Rudolf.

& ya'll still doubt this man?! CRAZY!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busta's Trailer: Respect My Conglomerate.

OooOoh! I can't wait to freakin see this. Weezy & Idris Elba? YUM x1000000000!

Casey CARTER & JugaHill On Cheatin & Relationships.


-Wale along w. GMK & others will be at Neumos
-Tech N9ne, Murs, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun & George Zelaya @ El Corazon
-Darius Willrich is a hot singer from the town & he's havin a CD release party @ The Triple Door
-SeeSound is actually crackin too & free for the ladies.
-HD's w. Vibrant. $2 drinks before 11:30 & if you know how they do their drinks, you know you'll be good after 4 bucks.

Featured Song of the Day!

Art Of Raw w. Gucci - Hella Bad.

This sh*t gets me UP in 1.3 seconds. Give it a listen on Casey CARTER Radio!

Pics From Fabolous's New Video.

Ms. Adrienne Bailon is makin a cameo in Loso's new video for "A Toast To The Good Life". Can't wait to see the video!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Mayback Music w. Ricky Roooooss, Kanyeezie & T-Peeeezie.

Sean Preston Spears.

He is lookin a little too zesty at his age...SMH.

Gracias I'm Not Obsessed!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Music Up.

Yep, its that time again so check em out. There would be more music, but MySpace hated on me and won't let me upload anymore music. Lets hope this isn't the end of my music sharing... =/

Casey CARTER Radio.

Featured Song of the Day!

Murs - Break Up.

This guy's speakin some real ish. I know errbody who's been in a relationship feels this one.

*Please excuse the adult content in this video. It ain't all nasty, it's actually a pretty good video. Sorry kids for the vulgarity, lol.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

She Wants Me.

Britney's Tampon String Shows!

Oh boy, another "wardrobe malfunction" happened during one of her shows! Take a close looksee & see what I'm talkin about...

Kim Kardashian's Wig.

Wow, I thought Kim was really changin her look, but looks like she just fooled us. Check out a posting she had up on her blog...
It’s a wig! Did I have you fooled? I did a fabulous photo shoot this weekend and they put this hair piece on! I haven’t taken it off since, because I’m really loving the look. I’ve been wearing it around New York and everyone thought it was my real hair! It’s making me want to dye my hair and maybe go lighter for the summer. What do you think? Should I dye it for real?
The answer is YES hunny, do it! I don't care if everyone thinks she's tryna be like Beyonce or J.Lo, she still looks good. (no homo).

Featured Song of the Day!

Boom Boom Pow Remix - Black Eyed Peas, Gucci & 50 Cent.

I freakin loves it! & I'm so glad Gucci is gettin out there. 50 is spittin real nice too. Hot remix.

The Cypher!

Yay, I found the video! Thanks SK for lettin me know it was up! =) & yeah thats my loud ass yellin in the background, lol.

Spaceman, Fatal Lucciauno, SK, and Gameboy Hit The Cypher from vnp on Vimeo.

Cool Furniture.

A brush table.
Glow in the dark, air filled couches.

Kingston Rossdale.

He is the flyest kidd I ever seen, but does anyone else see somethin odd about this picture? I'll give you a hint, it's somethin long & black...hmmm.

Priscilla Renea - Best I Ever Had

She's filthy. Makes the song even 100x better. I hope they make a remix together.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shortie Get Low...LITERALLY!

Is it wrong to find this HILARIOUS?! If so, GOD forgive me because I have sinned.

Gucci - I'm Back B*tch

Those glasses are not workin for me. Aye!

Lil Wayne On New Album: "Rebirth"

Sneak Peek of Lil' Wayne's Soundcheck Interview
by yardie4lifever2

Dyme Def Show.

It was so DOPE. Everybody did their thang thang! Shout outs the Sportn' Life fam, SK, Spaceman, D.Black & Fatal Lucciano! Also to One Be Lo, Grynch & The Saturday Knights for their performances as well. Dyme Def definitely killed it tho. The energy they brought to the stage was crazy. The world ain't ready for this Town to blow up mane...

Anyway, great networkin got done. Met a lot of important people & also got my name out there some more. Oh yeah, and there was a hott little cypher that my guy JugaHill, SK, Fatal & Spaceman had goin on....Hopefully I can get that video asap!!!

Here's some video from the shizzow.

Check out some of the pics from the show on Casey CARTER Radio.

Drake On Joe Budden TV

Drake finally met fan, Joe Budden, outside a club during his stay in NYC last week. Drake is so humble & genuine. It's sad sometimes when people can't recognize it 'cause they're so arrogant.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Red Magic w. Game.

It's that feeeeeeeeeeel good music. Just wanna bump and drive down Alki in my Red Porsche Cayenne. One day! ;)

Local Artist Weekends: Featured Song of the Day!

Spaceman - I'm Fly Den A MuFka.

This guy can spit! No lie! & his stage presence is f*ckin crazy. When Spaceman is on stage, all eyes are truly on him. He really knows how to get the crowd feelin right. I guess you can say he's "Fly Den A MuFcka"! Lol, Anyway this song is a hot track. Get on it! For more on Spaceman Click HEEEREEEE.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dyme Def.

S.E.V., Brainstorm & Fearce Villain are the 3 dudes that make Dyme Def. I'm tellin you these guys are gonna really be the ones to put The Town on the map. They are seriously dope at what they do. You can tell by their music that rapping & producin come oh-so naturaaal to them.

To prepare myself for their concert, I've been bumpin their "3 Bad Brothaaaz" mixtape non-stop this week & I have truly become a fan! They have a sound that I would brand as that "Seattle Sound", unlike other local artists (I mean this in no dis-respect) who are more influenced by the other regions of this country (The South, East Coast, Bay Area, etc...). Each member brings somethin different to the table but they all compliment each other real well. & I swear everytime I hear one of Brain's beats, it feels like somethin "Grand" is bout to happen. Like the King is comin or somethin major is bout to pop off. I love it!

This week the group was featured in 2 Seattle publishing's, The Seattle Weekly & also our only MAJOR paper, The Seattle Times. If that ain't a good look, then I don't know what to tell you. Dyme Def will be also goin on tour Saigon this comin May.

For more on Dyme Def, click these links:
*You can also catch them tonite @ The Crocodile for their Record Release show.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Fix My Hat.

18 Year Old Japanese Beatboxer.

He is waaaaaaaaaay too FILTHY!

Lil Wayne on The View.

I swear, I love him.

Madden '10

The great Larry Fitzgerald is on the cover of the new Madden '10! Also Troy Polamalu from that other team....LOL.

Will be in stores August 2009.

Soulja Boy & OJ Da Juiceman - Go Ham

Soulja Boy is so skinny. AAAAAYE!

Obsessed Premier.

The stars of the movie "Obsessed" were out for their premier in New York. Beyonce & Ali Later's dresses are way tooo! I'm just not feelin that little train Bey got goin on....& Idris Elba was there also lookin yummy as usual.

For showtimes for this movie, please click here.

Local Artist Weekends: Featured Song of the Day!

Strik N Krusal - Show Me Luv.

As soon as you hear this track, you will be giggin! From the Tac, this duo has some pretty hott music. Check out this song and other music HEREEEE.

Kanye Is Jockin Ricky Ross

I just read this on Kanye's Blog...& I do kinda agree with him...kinda. The Album "Deeper than the Rap" is pretty hott. Haven't heard it yet? COP YOURS ASAPidy!

Britney's Weave Comes Out!

At a concert in Oakland, CA., Britney Spears's dancer accidentally pulled out a piece of her weave, extension or whatever. I know that sh*t hurt.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


-Fetish Thursday's @ Twilight featuring the best DJ in WA, DJ Charma!
-Shark Club in Kirkland. It actually does crack!
-Venom in BellTown.
-Ibiza's on 2nd & James.
-Logic's Record Release Party in the Tac.

Whatever you do tonite, please be safe & always wrap it up ;)

Team Blackout Ft. Chris - Gotta Have Her

Little Jojo & his group are tryna get their romancin' on. The song & video is coo.

Record Release Party & Autograph Signing!

Logics will be havin a record release party & Freeway will be thurr to be signin autographs. Get it there!

Location: The Cool Clothing Boutique in The Tac on Pacific Ave.

TI & Tiny Jumpin The Broom?

It's rumored that TI & his D.A.B. (Down Ass B*tch) will be gettin married before he starts servin his prison sentence on May 19th. Finally! After all they've been through, includin poppin out 4 babies? I think it's time...

Boosie's Chain Gets Snatched!

Check out the story I read on

There’s been an uptick on robberies against rappers since the
start of the recession. But Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie – wasn’t about to become
another statistic. has learned that yesterday rapper Lil Boosie was arrested – allegedly for trying to protect himself against a robber. Word on the street is that Lil Boosie allowed one of his boys into his home, and dude went up in his jewelry box and helped himself to a few of Boosie’s pieces.

But that Boosie and his boys caught dude with his hand in the cookie jar – and proceeded to extract some street justice against him. heard that Boosie and his peoples used hands, feet, and a glass vase on dudes face. And dude musta got beat up pretty bad, because he called the police and is having Boosie prosecuted.

Lil Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch was arrested
yesterday on one count of battery.


Jennifer Hudson is Preggers!

It's been confirmed that Oscar winner & singer Jennifer Hudson is pregnant. Awwww, theres a little "Punk" on the way! =P

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

I Get Crazy w. Nikki Minaj.

I'm still gettin used to her voice.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Swag! I Surf!

I freakin love this was a featured song of the day not too long ago. You know I'll be in the club tryna do whatever Soulja Boy's doin. The song features Fabolous, Juelz, Red Cafe & Maino.

Khloe & Kourtney K. Get Own Show.

The Kardashian sisters minus Kim are gettin their own reality show on the E! network comin this August 2009. The girls will be opening another "DASH" store in Miami. The show will be about that & of course some partying. I hope its good.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Lay You Down w. Tyga.


Cute Couples!

Mr. & Mrs. CARTER.

Lance Gross & Eva.


Wake Up & Smell Seattle Hip Hop!

Your girl is featured on Ryan's On A Mission rockin the coolest shirt ever. Check it out for some of the pics from the shoot we had at Seattle Center featuring JugaHill, Melissa & Eustace Kalyan.

Wanna be cool & get a shirt online? Click HEEERRREEEE.

To view more pics from the shoot please check out Casey CARTER Radio.

Drake On Angie Martinez

I can not get enough of this guy...

Idris Elba.

The yummiest piece of British chocolate I've ever seen. Pics via Rolling Out Magazine.

*Don't forget "Obsessed" starring this guy right here along with Beyonce & "Heroes" star Ali Later will be in theaters this friday!

UK Rapper: Jahaziel - In My Neighbourhood

I feel him mane....this one is for the The Town!

"How many funerals do we need...."

Tattoo's & Jewelry...Remix

Young Keno Ft. TK, Ya Boy & Tyga. Yum on the tat's, eww on the their mouths. Too much if you ask me. & I don't care what no body say, Tyga is too filthy

Featured Song of the Day!

Ricky Rooooss Ft. Ne-Yo - Bossy Lady.

Its that feel good music! I think he had your girl in mind when he wrote this one too! =)
To hear please go to Casey CARTER Radio.

Drake On His So Far Gone MixTape

I can't wait until I get to interview this guy!

Lego Jesus.

Hmmm...its location is in Sweden. Interesting.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

I Got It.

"You can smell it out the zip-lock..."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soulja Boy, Gucci & Shawty Lo - Gucci Bandana

Damn, when I grow up I wanna be like Soulja Boy....AYE!

Jordan Prom Pack

Not that you fellas haven't been rockin your J's w. your tux's & suit's already, Jordan has come out with an official "Prom Pack" for this upcomin prom season. Released yesterday, these bad boys are only $100 a pair.

Joe Budden Wants On.

You are not about to be recordin me at no 6 in the morning tellin me you wanna get on!!! LOL. This guy is super ill.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Loves it! Give it a listen on Casey CARTER Radio.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 26 Boo'd Up!

Que ain't the only one dating another singer, check out what I just read on one of my fav. sites. Thanks Egypt!
Interestingly enough as I was posting this Day 26 interview from yesterday afternoon, I got news that Robert and Willie are allegedly dating members of new r&b group Sophia Fresh. Willie is rumored to be dating Skye and Robert is allegedly dating Cole Rose.

(Cole Rose has the red mohawk and Sky is the blonde)
I guess they ain't so homo after all...

Family Matters.

Crazy ass Karrine Steffans aka "Super Head" has come out with it that she and Eddie Winslow from "Family Matters" are married & have been for about 2 Wasn't she on Weezy's jock? Wasn't she f*ckin with Bill Maher? & didn't she blast Bow Wow not too long ago for bein the father of her baby she was just preggers with?! This b*tch is really ill. Read the crazy lady's story here...

Kanye's Add's for LV Shoes

I wonder if they come in a 3.5 boys 'cause I needs!

Local Artist Weekends: Featured Song of the Day!

Fresh As Hell - SK Ft. Spaceman.

This song will mos def have you groovin. SK is one to watch for in 'cause this kid is so talented. With his nice lyrics & precious swagg, not to mention that he is also a great performer, I see major things in his future. For more on SK & to listen to the track, click HEEEEEREEEEE.