Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Tracks From DaveB

Dave B is a up & coming new artist from the Seattle/Renton area. The first track was self produced by himself & the second track got some playtime during his highschool homecoming! Get familiar with him 'cause there will be plenty of music from him on here. Oh yeah, & if he looks super familiar, yep thats Gira's lil bro. =)

Click the tracks below to listen!
Its DaveB
My Way

Behind the Scenes of Swag’s New Video “I Get It” Produced By Kuddie Fresh

Another cat grindin hard in my hometown is Swag. Peep the behind the scenes footage of his new video I Get It tracked produced by yours truely.

Swag's doin big things. Kuddie's doin big things. Seems like Seattle's doin MAJOR things. I love it!

Stolen from Mr. Kuddie Fresh.

Seattle Stand Up: JakeOne - Home [Video] On MTV Jams!

One of the coolest video's out by far, Jake One's "Home" which features Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B & Ish along with TONS of cameo's from our own Town superstars is now gettin airtime on MTV Jams! Please keep an eye out for it. If your from Seattle or not, your still gonna love it! I see you Seattle hip-hop!

adidas Originals Get Sparkly!

Always extravagant in his designer ways, Jeremy Scott offers an even flashier version of his previously released JS Sequin sneakers. The kicks take on most of the same sequin pattern features as this past season’s selection although this latest option for Fall/Winter adds Metallic Silver accents, replacing the White stripes and details seen before. Expect these to land at adidas Originals accounts in early October 2009.
These are PERFECT! You already know I need these beauties in my size asap! What up ZNi/DJ Charma?! ;)

Melody Ehsani Autumn/Winter 2009 Accessories

Melody Ehsani always has the dopest jewelry. Check out these pieces from her 2009 Autumn/Winter collection! I'm pretty sure we'll be catching Riri &/or Amber rockin these soon if not already. I need ALL off them! & the makeup is gorgeous!!! To see the rest of the collection, click here.

Someone Better Get Their Baby Momma...

This pretty chick is the mother of R&B singer Tank's daughter. Beautiful girl huh? Well it's being rumored that she's gettin it in with my boo Weezy. WTF. I can't even keep up with him anymore! With all the new kids poppin out & all the random hookups he's havin, I just hope my guy has had all his check-ups cause he is seriously doin thee most! But I guess you can do the most when your Lil Wayne, right?

Props to EgyptSaidSo.

Happy Hump Day

This song is still filthy! Check out those suits & those dance moves tho! SUPER FRESH!


This is like the 10th video that Yung Berg has put out explaining shit. I don't kno any other person who has done this! He's come out talkin about the situation with Brisco, then about getting slapped by Maino, about his comment on dark skinned girls & now this?! WHO CARES! Even tho he is too yummy, I can't stand his ass anymore. He's just makin it worse everytime he records one of these. SMH. Click the video below to see the hilarious footage of his ass gettin knocked in the back of the head.

Teyana Taylor Can Gigg!

Wow, she's fiiiilthy! I'm gettin on her work out plan ASAP!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bam Bam - Leggings & Stilettos

The title sounds so corny but I couldn't help but give the song a listen. Especially since leggings are a MAJOR role in my wardrobe (I can't help it, they're so comfy!). Anyway the song isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's actually pretty cute, I even burned it onto a mix! LOL. I tried to find a picture or some type of information on this kid, but didn't come across anything. I'm pretty sure this song will be blowin up soon tho. People are suckers for corny-ness now a days. Including me. :)

Bam Bam - Leggings & Stilettos

Nicki Minaj - Getting Paid & Honey Mag Photos

Miss Minaj kills this little short verse. I bet the facial expressions she was makin during this song are hella funny. She's still dope tho. Oh & doesn't she look lovely in these Honey Mag shots?? Guys, wipe your chins 'cause I kno your over there droolin. =P

Nicki Minaj - Getting Paid

Amber's New Piercing

The very sexy Amber Rose added a new accessory to her look. She has pierced the middle of her lip & I usually hate it, but it looks coo on her. Maybe it's the ring, or maybe it's just her, but I ain't mad at it. Let's bet tho that these piercings are gonna be poppin up errr'where reeeal soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nike "Atlanta" Big Nike High Quickstrike

SOOOOOOOOO BOMB! Lace is super duper popular right now in fashion so these shoes are killin it. Ain't too sure if they're for women, men or both tho...but I don't kno many men who would wear lace on their shoes. Anyway, I needa find these in my size ASAP.

Big Keno's BDay Pooooorty!

My guy Big Keno will be celebratin his 25th Birthday at Heaven's this Sat, Oct. 3rd! If you knew better, you'd be at this party. I would suggest gettin there super early 'cause Heaven's has been goin down lately & of course Keno knows everyone so it's gonna be packed! I'll see you there! Press play for the info...and oh yeah MY CAMEO of course! You'll kno I'm comin as soon as you hear the song.... =)

Hellz Bellz A/W 2009 2nd Delivery

More dopeness from one of my favorite brands Hellz Bellz. For the rest of the line, click here.

Dyme Def - Time For That (Prod. By Bean One)

My fav group has partnered up with Seattle based clothing brand TITS to release a new project titled Sex Tape. Sounds super sexy. I know its gonna be crackin. Anyway, they dropped this song off, which actually won't make the project, but the song is still dope tho. ENJOY!

Dyme Def - Time For That

Loso Poisoned?!

It was rumored yesterday that rapper Fabolous was involved in a car accident, buuuuut nope, not true. After not feeling well, Loso pulled over and phoned an ambulance.

“I'm ok everyone..thanks 4 the concern. I was not in a car accident, but I think i know where it started.. Let me explain,” the rapper Tweeted. “I was drivin yesterday morning & started feeling very sick & felt like I was gon pass out while driving.. I veered off 2 da side of the road.”
Poisned from what? Who knows, just glad the kid is okay. =)

Someone Is A Very Lucky Son...

Yesterday was my baby's 27th Birthday & to celebrate, Birdman gave his son some very nice gifts. First he got em a cake with DIAMONDS on it. Now the cake wasn't that filthy, but who can honestly say they get diamonds on their cake. REAL ones at that. He also got him a MILLION DOLLAR Chopard watch...& got his birth date tatted on his right arm. DAMN. Don't forget last year he gave him million dollars in cash. Aye Birdman, I'll call you daddy any day if my birthday gifts could be half as extravagant as these!

Lamar & Khloe Wed....

Now I'm pretty sure you know that these two got hitched yesterday. Well if you didn't, here's a quick run down on what's been goin on. Last week, the rumor started that Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian were pushing to get married by Sunday (yesterday). There were rumors on Khloe not wanting to sign a pre-nup, that they really weren't getting married and that it was actually Kourtney who was getting married to her babies daddy...and just some other ish. Anyway, the truth is the two did get married but according to some good sources, the reason they pushed for the wedding so soon was because E! fronted them like a million dollars for the wedding so that they could film it for an episode for their show next season! WOW! Sources are saying that the two are actually genuinely in love. I'm not so sure how I feel about the situation. They just got together recently, got married cause someone else paid for it and wanted to expose it...and yeah it just seems a little un-genuine. Anyway, good luck to both! I hope they make it last!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me [Video]

I put you guys on this chick not too long ago & I'm glad to see she's released a video for her latest single "It Kills Me". She's a gorgeous girl & her voice is just as beautiful. Enjoy!

Birdman Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne - Money To Blow [Video]

Drake is too fine....but I love my baby Weezy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. CARTER! =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More PDA From One Of My Fav Couples

There's been some rumors floating around saying Yeezie and ex-fiance Alexis Phifer were thinkin about gettin back together, maybe even gettin married but those are all false. Well at least by judging these pics of the couple leaving Capitol Club in West Hollywood, the rumors better be false. Amber & Kanye are just too precious. Oh & I'm so lovin the dress & that vest. Not so much the shoes...


I'm havin another party & want all of you who can make it to get it there!!! It's The Paparazzi Party so you gotta come out and shine like the stars you are!! Tix avail. now from me or either of my girls so holla at us for yours! They're only $10!!! You don't wanna pay $15 at the door do you???? I HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU THERE! You kno I kno how to party so you don't want to miss this one! =)

Young Money Ft. Lloyd - Bed Rock

YESSSSSS! SOME MORE GOOD MUSIC! This is Young Money's latest single & I'm sure it's gonna blow up just like "Every Girl". This track features President Carter, Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda, TYGA (YESSS!), Jae Millz & the Young Money White Knight Drizzy! ENJOY!


Mariah Carey and The Dream might just be that new team! Here comes another song produced by the newly-wed singer/producer. I LOOOOOOVE IT! Thanks Frank for puttin your cuddy on! =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kuddie Fresh On The Gene Dexter Show!

MY GUY, SUPER PRODUCER, KUDDIE FRESSSSSSH!!! HE IS SOOOOO COOL! Listen/Watch him speak some reeeealness by clickin hereeeeeee!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Soul Gorilla On The Gene Dexter Show

Soul Gorilla does they're thang. From all their parties, club nights, music acts (including DYME DEF!), involvement with so much in the city, etc. I love goin to all their events, I'm pretty coo with a lot of the cats involved within their company as well. Keep doin it big ya'll. Your a great company and I'm sure your not goin anywhere anytime soon. The city can't hate forever! I so miss those good 'ol Thursdays at SeeSound. =( Shout out to Gene Dexter too. I love the show & what your doing in this Seattle Music scene! LETS ALL GET IT! =)

Click here to watch the full interview. It's a good one! I know I'm takin notes....

TayWill Ft. Spaceman & Sye Hollywood - Dope RMX [Video]

Oh boy look at these guys! I've been waiting to see this since I heard it was in production. I missed the shoot twice due to work...& I'm beefin. It looked pretty fun! I see you guys! Oh & Sye, where your shirt at?! LOL. Nice job guys! Major shout out to the editor & director Mark R (Wes Goodlife)!


Yes, I can't believe I've made it this far. This is my 1000th post since starting up this blog last year in I believe....October. Who knew it would come this far? Thank you all for your time. I appreciate everything you all do for me. Whether it be you coming by as often as you do, telling people about it, or even letting me know how you feel about it. I started this to share all the cool info that I know about but now that I work with all you SuperStars of Seattle, you make me love this job even more. This blog and Casey Carter are only getting better and better each day. Thank you all again, and I promise to provide you with some of the best of the best in music, events, fashion, gossip...and my life of course! Next 1000 posts, we throwin a party! LOL.

Speaking of parties, I'm throwing The Paparazzi Party next Friday, the 25th, @ Spitfire (2219 4th Ave.). Come out and shine like the stars you are! It's going to be poppington and there will be drink specials all night! Tickets are available for $10! ($15 at the door). I hope to see you all there. You don't want to say you missed this one!

Jay-Z On Oprah

MAJOR! The show will air on Thursday, Sept. 24th. The day before The Paparazzi Party @ Spitfire presented by Ms. Ego Ent. =)

Chris Brown Does His Time For Doin The Crime

Chris Breezy began his commnunity labor in Richmond, VA this week & you kno the camera crews and paps were out to see this. Chris was sentenced to do 180 of labor and also attend a 52 week domestic violence program. He even has to pay for the extra guards that are gonna be on duty while he does his labor! DAMN. I kno he wishes he woulda used words instead of his fists to whoop that ass now. SMH. He is lookin hella yummy tho. MMmmM.

Pics are all via: twitter.

Awww, Monica & Rocko's Family Portrait

R&B singer Monica & finace' Rapper Rocko recently took some family photo's with their two sons. They are just too precious! But Rocko might wanna either do the sexy stare or smile a little harder cause he's lookin like somethin smells a little...I'm just sayin.

D. Black's Release Party

I didn't have MY camera with me so the pics I got are not the best quality and I can't upload them yet. Anyway, the whole entire night was on point. I gotta give it up to Sportn' Life for putting on an amazing show. It was my first time seeing Darrius Willrich at They Live on stage & they both killed it. I'm a new fan of both so expect to see music from them up on the blog sometime soon. Of course my fav group Dyme Def did they're thang as well, but the dude who we all came down to see was D. Black. It's been a while since I see my guy perform and I will say he gave a great show. From the first song, down to the end. He brought out the whole Sportn' Life camp and had the whole building feelin it. If you missed it, too bad for you. Pics comin shortly...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


How BOMB does this look?! I think I'd be able to kill the whole entire thing.
In China, Starbucks produces its own mooncakes during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. I want to eat it!
Via: LikeCool

J. Pinder & Spaceman Produced By Kuddie Fresh

So I'm not exactly sure what the name of this wonderful song is, but it's dope. & some say Seattle's weak? Puh-lease. Thanks Mr. Pinder for the track.

J. Pinder & Spaceman Produced By Kuddie Fresh

Drake's Lookin A Little...

Awww, Drake's been MIA since his surgery. Here goes a twitpic from the yummy artist. Even tho he has all that facial hair, he still could get it. Anyway he tweets:

"We are rarely proud when we are alone. But to have another artist who pushes me and inspires me is a blessing. @kidcudi Mazel Tov!"

Today, the So Far Gone EP was released in stores as well as Kid CuDi's Man On The Moon.

Kanyeezie Dresses Amber For Elle

Amber has her own spread in the latest issue of Elle magazine & her booskie Kanye styled her! She's lookin super sexy & I think that is too precious that he dressed her. Now when is he gonna have a spread & let her style him?!

D. Black Ali'Yah In Stores TODAY!

D. Black drops his much awaited project Ali'Yah today! You can cop it here. Also the release party will be tmorrow at The Crocodile. Dyme Def, They Live & Darrius Willrich will be performing so you know its goin to be a GREAT show! I'll see ya'll there!


After enjoying a nice meal at the Old Spaghetti Factory down by SouthCenter, me & my girls come out and see this car covered in saran wrap next to ours! We start laughing and taking pictures & see this man lookin at us, we immediately tell him it wasn't us & that we were just takin pictures. He laughs and tells us theres another one down on the other side of the parking lot! LOL! I can't believe someone randomly did this to some cars...and even took the time to sit there and go around the car hella times to do this. I kno I'd be HOTT & probably a little scared at the same time if this ish woulda been done to my car.