Sunday, August 30, 2009


DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) was found dead in his apt. in New York on Friday. The media is saying they found crack pipes and pill bottles in his apt. & have said that he did die from an overdose. That's just sad. If you haven't had a chance yet to actually read the whole story, click here. The Palms that night only left letters "A" & "M" lit on their sign. =*(

D. Black & B. Brown - On The Go

That's that feel good music. This is a leak off D. Black & B. Brown's EP that will be following the release of Ali’Yah. I love it!

REMINDER: D. Black will be having his EP release party for Ali'Yah on September 16th at the Crocodile. I hope to see all ya'll there!

Props to the homies over at Raindrophustla for the info.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kuddie Fresh, KDCutz & Reason 101

If ya'll don't know what Reason is, it's a program that producers use to make illy beats. Watch my guy Kuddie work his magic.

Check out more dopeness from these talented dudes at: &!

High Times Mag Kid Cudi Interview

Can I hit that? Dro & Cudi. :)

GMK: Brilliant Blog #8

Super excited for Sept 9th & 10th! & yes ya'll don't forget to ask iTunes about GMK! Get familiar....and of course GET BRILLY.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guess Who On Sandra Rose

I just peep'd this on Can you guess who this is...?

Can you guess who this is? Here’s a hint: she’s in talks to get her own reality TV show thanks to her really bad judgment in choosing sperm donors. And her kid has at least 3 “aunties” who aren’t blood relatives.
Well I know who this broad is....

It's Weezy's Vietnamese & White Baby's mother of his first son. that what I need to do to get a reality show...

A- Morir ‘Barracuda’ Sunglasses

Oh my word, now these just made my stomache drop. They're available for pre-sale here. You can have some black, gold or silver ones for only $350. Oh yeah, they're not see-through either. Oh well, they're dope as fck. Look familiar? Ms. Riri had them on in the "Run This Town" video. Imma start savin my milk money cause I NEEEEEED these.

Oh, Ok Corbin...

High School Musical Star Corbin Bleu has a new show premiering next month on the CW. He's not a permanent cast member yet, but he'll be playing a male model with that "Lenny Kravitz" type vibe. I wonder what all the parents of the little fans from High School Musical think about this...

The Show premieres Sept. 16 @ 9PM.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Core Jewels: "New State Of Silver"

MMmmmMMm...these are sooooo damn sexy.
Established back in 2003, luxury Japanese jewel brand
Core Jewels continue to shine with their new collection entitled “New State of Silver”. Each piece in this latest run features a delicately superimposed design which whilst simple, remains bold. New State of Silver features both materials and products which only serve to complement their chic design: Black onyx and silver bullion are used, as well as a Stone Ring, 18K gold ring, black beads and a necklace.Available soon from Hankyu Men’s Hall in Osaka.

Props to: HypeBeast.

5ive Star Ent: Old School Prom

My homies with 5ive Star Ent threw a fun little Old School Prom down at the beautiful Bell Street Pier. Enjoy the pics!

Click here for thee rest.

Bill O'Riley Is A Hater

WOW! He's such a sucka. LOL.

What In The.....

This little asian boy is too much! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Please watch & ENJOY! I'm so glad my brother is far from this. Ant, I'd kick your ass if I ever saw you talkin this ish on the inna-nets! REAL TALK!

My Boo Says School Is Cool

Weezy encourages kids to stay in school in his new ad for

Steve Harvey's Book To The Big Screen?!

One of my favorite books "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" by Steve Harvey is being rumored that it may become a movie! Now if you haven't read the book yet & your a female, your trippin. The book is full of good advice for women thats super real & just helps you understand men a little easier. I'm not sure if it'll be like a documentary or an actually movie, but I can't wait to see it!

RIP Aaliyah

January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001.

I remember this exact day. I was in the Bay with my family gettin all my things ready to come home back to Seattle the next day. We're listening to the radio & they said that Aaliyah had died in a plane accident. Damn... =(

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jon Doe

I saw & heard about this story everywhere but I didn't pay much attention til I hit up the homies over at Now this story is just crazy. This man was found in Discovery Park here in Seattle & still has no idea who he is and where he came from. I'll let you read the story yourself cause the ish is illy & scary. Like this is the type of wierdo shit you see in movies! CREEPY!!!

Read the whole story here.

Nelly & Ashanti Are Done =(

As reported in a previous post, Nelly was seen goin to dinner with one of Bow Wow's mains, Melody Thorton of the Pussy Cat Dolls, which made me wonder what was goin on between him & Ashanti. Well its rumored that they have broken up now. Why? Well of course, Ashanti was ready to settle down & Nelly wasn't goin for it. Typical, right? Well her career hasn't been goin anywhere recently so maybe she was lookin for a little security? Who knows, but I bet someone's gonna snatch her little thick ass up real soon. & I'm sure we'll be seein Nelly wildn' out all over the inna-nets. The couple was together for 4 years.

Karina Pasina - Ave Marina

This very talented young lady is only 18 years old! You might remember her with her cut "16 at War" that came out a while back. I've listened to a few of her other songs and think she's pretty dope. I even got goosebumps over here! Oh & I love the headband. So poppington.


Happy Birthday to some VIP's in my life...My little sister Cindy! I love you girl. We've had some of thee best laughs ever. Now hurry up & get home! :) Also Happy Birthday to my guy DP aka DON'T PLAY! Don't forget when I get major your MY bodyguard! Oh yeah Happy Birthday to you too Brandon aka BNasty! Do I smell a FAT SESSION?!

Mya Ft. Bun B - Show Me Somethin [Video]

Ms. Mya is back with her first single of her mixtape comin out titled Beauty & The Streets Vol. 1. That mixtape game ain't no joke!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Now this is just illy. Not that they're sayin the F word after every word, but that they will do anything? OMG....where the heck are these young ladies parents?!? Whats sad is that I bet girls, YOUNG girls say more rachit shit than this, but these dummies just happened to get caught on tape. SMH.

Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake, The Dream & Kanye West - Digital Girl RMX [Video]

Wow, I thought that Maxwell video was sexy, but this right here is pretty hott. Love everyone in the song...nice bars...hope to hear this at the club soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh Bow Wow...

As you can see in the beginning of this video, Bow Wow is now FAMILY with Mr. Weezy. He isn't signed to Young Money, but Baby's Cash Money. It was announced earlier this week on twitter which caused the whole twitter world to start clownin and started a trending topic "#signedtoyoungmoney" which was basically sayin everyone and their momma was signed to YM. Anyway this video is featuring the adorable little puddy cat doll Melody Thorton, which on some sites are sayin is one of his mains. Mains huh? Like that Bow Wow? Well you might need to check one of your "mains" cause according to Concreteloop, she was just havin dinner with Nelly the other night...which makes me wonder what happened between him and Ashanti?! Are they over? Hmmm....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lil Wayne Confirms He IS The Father!

Nice little interview! Feels like its been a minute since I heard one of these with my boo. I'll just let ya'll hear what he has to say about the Tiny & Toya show, The Carter 4, fans...and yes he says it himself, HE IS THEE FATHER OF LAUREN LONDON'S BABY!


Sneaker Pimps: Seattle!!!

Yessss, I finally get to attend one. I can't wait. & do you see that line up? I'm too pumped to see them Clipse. I hope you all get your tickets 'cause you know its bout to sell out...

R. Kelly Ft. Keri Hilson - Number One Sex [Video]

I heard this song a while back, but it wasn't this video version. I didn't even think it was really Keri Hilson in the one I heard, but I like this one is better anyways. Click below for the original version that I heard first where it sounds kinda like a little boy singing. The video is hot too. Kells is too filthy for us to hate on his come back. No lie. Also a bonus! Hear the song thats been havin me go nutz since I first heard it.....oOOooOWeee.. :)

R. Kelly Ft. ? - Number One Sex (a different version)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Giiiirl...

What a busy weekend! So it started off on Thursday at SeeSound for ZNI & DJ Charma's party for the Yankees. Then on Friday, my fav. group in Town, Dyme Def, had a show at the Crocodile. Mad Rad also performed. The whole show was sick. My guys also had me in there giggin like I was at the club! Lol. Then Sat I hosted a party in the Tac at Maggies for my guy Johnni Boy. I hope you all enjoy the pics. Next weekend will be crazy once again. I'm hosting ZNI's EP release party (the flyer is right there on the side) at the Crocodile. It's gonna be the first show I ever host so this should be fun! & on Sat my guys at 5ive Star are havin an Old School Prom. I'll post the flyer as soon as I get it.

Click here for thee rest.

Drake's Fader Mag Spread

Don't call me late 'cause I just posted this cover, lol. I just didn't wanna post it since everyone else got it up....but man do you see those lips?! MMMMmmmm...They look so yummy! Well here goes the pics from the spread as well. Enjoy. & check out cute little Niko in the back (of the pic with the wheelchair). I see you Drizzy tryna put the homies on.

Must See: Marley & Me

This movie is a perfect example of what life should be about. A young married couple & their life & it all starts with getting a dog. I don't wanna spoil this movie for any of you who havent' seen it, but I will warn you all, make sure you have a box of tissue cause your guaranteed to shed a tear or five. =*)


Make the world a better place while gettin joosed! Pommery has decided to go green with their new 100% recycled glass bottles & also recycled paper for the lables. The first rapper with these in their video will be the coolest person by far!

Behind The Scenes Of Drake's "Successful" Video

So after watchin this, I'm so happy that he's releasing a new video so soon. That "Best I Ever Had" video just made me so the song but that video was a mess. Anyway, watch this & hear the newer version of this song featuring Trey Songz. I know he's in the original, but they added a little "oooOohwee" to it. You can also FF towards the end to hear Trigga talkin. Can't wait for the whole thang to come out!


Here goes Mr. GMK's Brilliant Blog #7. First off I feel him on the sluffin. I haven't even been on my video blogging myself, so thanks GMK for reminding me to get on point. Second, I so can't wait for that Sneaker Pimps show! Now thats gonna be super brilly. I hope to see all ya'll there at The Showbox on Sept. 10th.

Hit GMK:

Songs For The Bloggers (one of my most played discs in the whip) is also avail on iTunes!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Young Chris Ft. FJ - Grown Thangs [Video]

This just might be added to one of the greatest. Everyone knows I'm a sucka for them songs for the females. Especially the REAL ones. & homegirls shoes are on point!

"You in the game with me, the last name, give you the same as me..."

Hellz Bellz ‘Style Warriors’ Autumn/Winter 2009

Hellz Bellz always got that super fly, unique ish. I love it ALL!

Click here for thee rest of the cute stuff!

Ginuwine - Trouble [Video]

I love the song...wish they woulda threw that Bun B verse in it, but cute little sexy video. Cocktail will also be in town for the next couple of days kickin it tough with Soul Gorilla. Tnight she'll be at The Vertigo & on Sat she'll be at Heavens.

Jumpoff's Talk Too Much...

Reggie Bush better smack this broad. If your the side chick, and you know this ish, just because the relationship is over does not mean its okay to come out with your story. These chicks is so wreckless now a days. & she expected to get treated better? Come on man...your the sideline hoe! You know what your doing, so just take what you get, and keep it pushin. Your not the main one so you can't ask for nothin but the D! I'm just sayin! & you wonder why they call you bitch....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garni Zippo & Cigarette Holder

Now if I smoked ciggs I would so use this holder. It looks so fly. & those lighters are pretty cool too. They probably cost a billie but I'm sure I'd be the coolest kid on the block pullin those out to light my bleezy.

Nike Sportswear 2009 Fall Stadium/Varsity Jackets

I've always loved jackets like this. I never played sports in highschool or had a boyfriend who had one of these so I never got to rock one back then. They got em both in mens & womens sizes so you know I'm all over it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 RedBull Big Tune: Seattle, WA.

Shout outs to Mr. KD Cutz for puttin together somethin real fly. & Wow, can't believe Marcus D called that win. That's kinda illy. I wonder how much he'd charge for a palm reading...Oh yeah & I love the captions! Too hilarious! All ya'll better watch out in the A, cause in the end its just gonna be a battle between these two young men/stars. Real talk!

GMK's Shut Down Commercial (Google Chrome)

My guy is just so brilliant. I hope your all payin attention to this one. & I also hope you got your copy of this great music. I absolutely love it!

Ok Cassie...

As much as I really don't care for Ms. Cassie, I am really feelin this fit. From the glasses to the shirt down to the shoes. Cassie, just follow Amber's footsteps and just look good for the camera. Then people like Charlamagne won't be so mean to you. =)

Hella Dope Ft. Jarv Dee - This Is My Planet

That beat is somethin & there goes that Jarv Dee "WHAAAAA?!". Love it!

Danger Is Bout To Blow!

I thought this rumor was done and put to rest but I guess the broad wasn't lying! She looks like she's about to pop any second. If ya'll don't kno who this little sluey is, its Danger from VH1's "For the Love Of RayJ". The story behind all this was that Ms. Danger & Ray started gettin it on like the 2nd week of the show, she tried to take the "morning after pill" (that the producers provided of course) and clearly it didn't work. She kept it, but her and Ray J didn't work out so now here you go....Let's see what happens once the little pookie comes out.

Amber Rose For Complex Mag

Complex Mag is killin the game. Cudi, Keri & now Ms. Amber Rose? You can not deny that she is thee badest thing in the game right now. I know all the men & you women too are lusting over this lady. No pause on that!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blue Scholars - HI-808 [Video]

You can not say this video does not scream dopeness. Again, their EP OOF! will be available August 25th.

My Crazy Weekend.

This weekend my bro JugaHill had a performance at the Starbar. Nice crowd & you know he killed it. After that, man oh man did I get joosed. Ended up at Heavens & the rest is history. One word of advice for you all, if someone named Josh tries to give you a shot, just say no! LOL. Thanks to everyone who lived it up with me this weekend tho. Enjoy the flix.

Peep the rest by clicking here.