Sunday, August 2, 2009

Red Bull Big Tune 2009: Seattle

Finally! A beat battle I was able to attend! & I'm so glad it was this one. This year's Big Tune event was held at the War Room. Hosted by J. Moore & Vitamin D, the event was poppin. The room was full of talent, including the 12 producers that were up, as well as all the local artist that came to show support. Everyone was pretty dope throughout the night, but I was waitin for that one person that was just gonna make me trip out. That one person ended up being Marcus D. Man oh man, that boy brought some fire! In the end it was him against KD Cuts, which was simply amazing. They both mos def brought it in that last round, but in the end, the crowd spoke (or screamed) and Marcus D became the winner. They both get to go to Atlanta for the finals tho, so CONGRATS! Seattle will be shinin in the A for sure!

Props to Matson On Music for the pics.

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