Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miracle Fruit

This little almond shaped fruit makes things that are bitter or sour sweet! There's something in it that makes your taste buds sweeter for for about 15-30 minutes. It's crackin 'cause its like a long lasting piece of candy, but also great because think about the people who are sick, and lose their appetites and stuff. They'll be able to eat this and actually consume food. They need to get this fruit out there! ASAPidy.

For more on the miracle fruit, click here.

Featured Song of the Day!

Ryan Leslie - Gibberish.

I'm crazy in love with this beat. It just sounds like LOVE. I don't know anyone who can even get away with doin this though 'cause I honestly can understand only 10 words out of the whole song. I was gonna make my first child to this song, but then I thought about it & I'd feel horrible if my kid came out talkin like this.

Watch the musical genius make this song....

Weezy Interview w. Mike Hill.

I didn't really want to post this up just for the simple fact that I don't want all of you thinkin all I do is post sh*t up about Wayne, but it was a must. What he says at the end is so relevant to what I kinda do. Even tho he's a big time rapper, he still has a passion to talk sports, just like I have the passion to talk about music. He mentions that he was too short to play basketball & too small to play football but he knows about it all...kinda like how I can't sing nor rap, but I know music. Man, I can't wait to meet this man.

Weezy & Keri?!

Mmmm-mmm...I love this chick, but home girl better be easy one time. Lol, kinda.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Sorry oh-so late, but here it goes.

Her, Him & Me w. Juelz off the "My Face Can't Be Felt" mixtape. OooOwee. I love it when these two get together. It's always magical. But what song is this from? It's at the tip of my tongue, but I can't get it. Someone HELP ME!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Lookin for somethin to do on a Monday night?? Well check this out @ club Contour on 1st Ave.

Featured Song of the Day!

Swag Surfin - Juelz, Fabolous, Red Cafe' & Maino.

If you haven't heard this yet, you need to get w. it. This beat is crazy dumb and you can just feeeeel the swag in it. That boy Juelz was comin off & even Maino was doin his thang. But doesn't this sound like somethin Gucci would be on?! Do I hear a remix baaaby??

To hear the track, please check out Casey CARTER Radio!

Last Night...

Was great. Another show, more networking, more connects. It was a little different 'cause it was singers this time, which I loved! My guy Zach Bruce killed it. I've never seen him perform before, but I must say he is very good at what he does. Shout out to B. Leo, Jay Townsend, & Draze as well for doin ya'll thang. I didn't even know Bruce was a rapper! & for his first performance, he did pretty good!

Anyway, with more & more shows, everyone will start to know Ms. Casey CARTER & see that my intentions & motives are MAJOR. I'm stuck in love with music but I don't sing, rap, produce, but what I can do is talk my ass off. So I'm here to spread any and all the words. Whether it be someones music, club, event, business, whatever. Trust me, the Town will start wakin up real soon....oh yeah did I mention IT'S ALL ABOUT THE D.O.E?! =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"He's Gonna Kick My Ask!"

This little tot gets me everytime! LMAO!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Let's Talk Money w. Pimp C (RIP) & T-Pain.

This joint got me bouncin like some fabric softener.

"& a ni**a forever rich, but pu**y will never cost 'cause a ni**a forever pimp, cause we were better taught by a ni**a named Pimp & Bun B from Port Art..."

All The Single Ladies


The Haunting In Conneticut.

This sh*t is scary. I'm so glad it was a date with my girls rather than a guy 'cause I was screamin & jumpin hella. Besides being scary, it's also a good movie. Oh yeah & based on a true story....AAAAAAH!

Local Artist Weekends: Featured Song of the Day!

Clemm Rishad - Make A Lot.

When I hear Clemm Rishad, I hear a young Kanye mixed with a ripe Jay-Z. My homie JugaHill (aka Gameboy) gave me his cd a while back, but honestly I never listened to it. That was a mistake. This guy is FILTHY. He sounds like he's already made it. Like he's been in the game for ages & has already sold a bazillion records. That's confidence & I LOVE it.

Anyway, this song is HOTT & the beat goes hard! If you ain't on him yet, you need to wake up. For more on Mr. Rishad click HEEEERE.


Check out my guy Zach Bruce along with others tonite for some 206 R&B. It's gonna be lovely & you know your girl will mos def be in the building with my D.O.E. brothers. Say wasap if you see me, I love meeting new faces. =)

Don't forget about The Rock Salt either presented by Vibrant if you tryna get your boogie on.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Why has Rockstar super sized cans even more? I thought those other taller ones were hella huge, but now they have huge ass 32oz! OH EM GEE. I'm so gonna be wired.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Me & my MAFIA ladies were havin tons of fun last nite...here's a little glimpse at our good times.

What had me laughin so hard? "But what city are we in?" HAHAHAAAA!


Try somethin new & check out Twilight tonite presented by one of my homeboy's Ce.

Other spots tonite...

-Heavens (Pioneer Square)
-Ibiza's (2nd & James)
-War Room (Broadway)
-Venom (BellTown)
-Amber (BellTown)
-Tia Lous (BellTown)
-BellTown Billards (Clearly, BellTown)

Any other spots, please email me: mscaseycarter@gmail.com

Help My Homie Out!

Please help my friend out by takin a few minutes out of your day to take this survey...THANK YOU!!


Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

I Hate That I Love You w. Miz.

Hmmm..interesting track! I know a lot of us can relate to this crazy feeling.

Local Artist Weekends: Featured Song of the Day!

Swagger Check - Diggz Dimez.
I told you I got you! LOL.
Honestly, I was surprised when I first heard him. I see this guy EVERYWHERE. The MySpace, the Town, EVERYWHERE so I had to hear what he was about & I was impressed. His site is on point & so is his music resembles him very well. This record right here tho got me groovin. If you don't know Diggz now, I'm sure you'll be seein/hearin him real soon...
For more on Diggz, click HERE.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rihanna Has Guns Blazin...

So I saw everywhere that Ms. Riri got this new tattoo of a gun on her side...but now I just saw more pictures of MORE guns! This girl is ill to the na-na. I hope she don't go coo-coo like Britney did after all her drama. Imma pray for her tonite.

Sister Sister!

Look how grown Tia & Tamera are! What a good look! I see you ladies!

New Music on Casey CARTER Radio!

It's that time once again. Get on it. All the songs on there are Summer bangers...& don't foget where you hear them first!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Party Like A Rock Star RMX Baaaaby w. Jim Jonez, Chamillionaire & Shop Boyz.

Don't even lie, ya'll were FEEEEEEEEEELIN it when this one came out. HA!

"I'm heartless & iced out see, I got a icebox where my heart used to be..."

Local Artist Weekends: Featured Song of the Day!

Jonni Boy - Best Swag Out

One of my favorite new artists, Jonni Boy holds it down for the Tac as well as the North West. Caterin to the females with his words & with a nice, splashy style, Jonni Boy has "Ladies Man" all over him. Don't let that fool you tho, the kid has skills! He got that sound that anyone can listen to and will leave you bobbin your head wantin to hear more.

For more on Jonni Boy, please check him out heeeere!

What a Great Night!

Had an excellent night last night. I got to network between both clubs, Venom & Twilight. Was with my family doin our thang, what up D.O.E.! The performances were hott. Shout out to Jonni Boy, Clemm Rishad, Strik & Krusal holdin it down for the Tac! I see you 253! Another shout out to Mr. Diggz. My bad sweetie for missin the performance, but I told you I GOT YOU! The best part of my night tho was meetin Mr. "Go DJ" himself, Mannie Fresh. What a sweetheart! Just think about how close to Weezy I was. Separated by one degree of a person! OH MAN! Anyway, I told him how I'm tryna do it major in the town & he seem'd into it. Enough to shout your girl out! =D Everyday, the dream gets realer & realer. Thank you Lord. You are soooo GOOD. This really is my "Golden Year"!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jonni Boy is like my new favorite artist! Everyone performing tonite is hott too! Say wasap if you see me 'cause you know I'm in there like swimwear.

Also tonite don't forget about Fetish Thursday's @ Twilight.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Put It On w. Kat Deluna.

Ain't really feelin this record, her voice reminds me of like an opera almost.

"Baby girl, the runway is my street, shoes so murder they kill my feet..."

Featured Song of the Day!

Body Rock - Sammie.

I always loved this little pookie. Well I guess he ain't so little no more, but I'm still a fan. His voice is like butter. This song kinda reminds me of "Rockin That Thang" by the Dream tho. Don't know if he produced it or what, but I love it.

"She did her 2-step, I did My Dougie"....awwww! Too precious!

New LayOut!

I felt like my sh*t was lookin way too plain so I had to spruce it up a bit. & if you know me, then I know your laughin' at how much my banner is me 100. LOL. I hope you all like it!

New Boyz!

These little fresh ass boys are filthy. Every song I'm hearin just makes me wanna gigg. I mos def will be bumpin these pookies while gettin ready to step out.

Anyway, their from LA & blowin up. Get on it!

*& check out little Legacy. He is way too precious! & their videos are hella funny too.

Kanyeeezie Blog.

I love it. After going to it & reading his posts, I'm starting to understand his ass more. I like him...well I never didn't. Like I said, he's so crispy. Oh shit, I just remembered that song. Lol.

Click HURR for the creative man's blog.

Auntie Bey & Juelz!

Here's some footage from Beyonce' s new Nintendo DS commercial she shot w. nephew (Salonge's pookie), Juelz. I know her hand musta been hurtin after signin all them DS's!

Follow Me On Twitter!

I don't really know what the craze about Twitter is, but I have decided to join the band wagon. Please follow me @: Twitter.com/CaseyCARTER.

Only When You Give Me Cookies Mommy!

This little boy's bouta be on the Maury Show in about 2 years for bein 100 pounds. Lol.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pharrell's Broadway Performance @ McDonalds.

LMAO, he is too funny. I think he deserves a Tony Award for this one.

Earth Hour 2009.

It's only one hour of thee whole year, so why not vote EARTH? It is your home, no matter what hood your from.

Michael Vick Early Release!

Nah, just kidding...Read on for the story.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons Web site shows that Vick is no longer at the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan. It lists his status as "in transit."
It's not clear when he left, or where he is right now. But two weeks ago, a bankruptcy judge in Newport News, Va. ordered the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback to testify at an April 2nd hearing on his Chapter 11 reorganization plan.
Judge Frank Santoro also ordered Vick to pay the costs of traveling to Virginia for the hearing.
Vick is serving 23 months for a dogfighting conspiracy. He's eligible to move into home confinement on May 21st and is scheduled to be released July 20th.

& I still wanna ask everyone, ya'll think Mike Vick is comin to Seattle? Lol...Anything could happen.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day


Go ahead, bob your head.

"Wait ya'll, I never been tall, but if I stand on my money I'll be with God..Like hallelujah baby, it's Yung Mooola baby.."

Featured Song of the Day!

Man, Loon used to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO A1. I mean he's still cute regardless of that beard and stuff, but man. I was hopin this guy would come back sometime! He was the finest thing in the rap game back in my HighSchool days. Mmm-mmm...Good for him though. Glad he's got his religious thang goin.

Anyway, after finding this video, I decided to make "Down For Me" Ft. Mario Winan's the Featured Song of the Day. Man this is another throw back. He was lookin too right in this video...Like a yummy piece of chocolate...darn.

Man & Wife.

Last night's episode of "T.I.'s Road to Redemption" was real nice. I like that he switched it up & had it be all about him. My favorite part tho was his dinner date with Tiny. They are way too precious! You can tell she's a true definition of a "Down Ass B*tch", but man we need more men like Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

President Barack Obama Addresses Economy.

If you didn't catch Mr. Obama's speech today on the economy, here's the first part of it. I admire this man so much. He's the true definition of a Boss. I know with this man as our President, it will only get better.

*Sorry the quality ain't that good...

DJ Drama w. Gucci.

I love Gucci. Check out how he's lookin @ Drama before the interview tho, lol. But Drama forgot to mention someone when he was namin the top 5 MC's....I think ya'll know who I'm talkin about.

Featured Song of the Day!

Hood Boy - E-40.

Don't know who the singer is...how come that always happens with songs like this? Anyway, the song is on point. I don't know one female who ain't feelin this one. We all want a little hood in our lives, don't ya think? ;)

Man Boobs!

LMAO!!! If your name is KSneaky, I know you are practically rollin on the floor! HA-HAAAA! Ok I promise that this is the last time I will show this couple...well until they get married, break up or make a sex tape. Either/Or.

Anyway, I just had to post this up 'cause I know you ladies have all had your dose of some "Man-Boobies". This is a problem that we have to put a stop to. Seriously.


After watching tonight's episode of "Harlem Heights", I have just proven right. Jason is truly God's Gift to women. Actually to ME! =) His little ass is just too fine & that damn accent gets me every time. What really got me goin tho is his relationship with his precious daughter. He seems like such a good father! Awww, he is the best. I can't wait for our Wedding. Invitation's will be out next Spring. LOL.

Oh yeah, Brooke & Ashlie's little beef is too funny. That was kinda faulty that Christian was all upon Ashlie's "frenemy" at her own job, but I like Brooke so I'm not gonna say what I would if that woulda been me. =X

Girl Gets Jacked For Not Giving...

Check this out...

A 14-year-old Garfield High School student called police last week to report that four boys took her cellphone after she refused to give them oral sex or money, according to a Seattle police report.

According to the March 19 report, the girl said she was standing on the second floor directly across from the library when the four 15- and 16-year-old boys approached her and asked her for money or sex. When she refused, they grabbed her cellphone and took it into the boys' restroom. When she followed them in to retrieve the phone, they boys again made lewd requests.

The girl refused again and the boys left the restroom with her cellphone. She followed them out and continued to try to get her phone.

One of the boys eventually reached into her pocket, took $10, a lip balm and kept the phone. The boys then left the area and the girl told them that she would call her mother and the police.

School officials told police that surveillance cameras were on when the incident occurred and that the boys would be contacted by administration when they returned to school on Monday.

Lol! How the hell did this happen at a school? Why didn't she tell any staff? There's somethin a little off about this story...I hope that 10 bucks & Carmex was worth the trouble they probably got into...if they even went back to school!

Flud Watches.

These watches are too crackin. They have boom boxes, turn tables, wall clocks & other cool designs.& they're not badly priced! I need to get me one ASAPidy.

For more on these fly little gadgets, click HERE.
Boom Box: $90
Turn Table: $79

Monday, March 23, 2009

Keri Hilson, Kanye & Ne-Yo Love Triangle?!

I swear, I don't care what anyone says...Keri Hilson is THAT B*TCH! I'm sooooo glad they made a video for this song. The video is super splashy & I see you Keri girl tryna show off those cheeks! But after watching it, I've came to the conclusion I need me a fly ass guy like Kanye. His style is too crispy. I love it!

Keri Hilson Ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Knock You Down.


My best friend brought these two to my attention. I'll never listen to "Halo" the same. Lol. Search for them on YouTube for more giggles.

The Dream & Christina...CONFIRMED.

So I'll stop talkin about them now that it is confirmed. The sites are sayin she's f*ckin for tracks, and she might be. He is another hott producer, and her career isn't exactly crackin....But I hope all goes well for the two!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Uh-Oooohhh w. Ja Rule.

Click the link for the VIDEO.

Featured Song of the Day!

Gucci, Young Joc, Some guy & DJ Drama - You Know What It Is.

This sh*t goes hard. It just makes me wanna groove. Gucci is a foo with it...

"I drink my Rose' out the bottle ain't no glasses for me. I give my girl a glass of champagne, she say thank you Gucci..."

I don't know who that is singing, but he sounds bomb. It woulda been HELLA bomber if it was Trey Songz tho, but that guy is will do.

I love Young Joc's verse tho....

"I wanna f*ck her with the lights on, All night long, To one of my songs, Let her keep my ice on, Knock it out like Tyson, Hit her with this Python, Clap on, Clap Off, Catch it on my iPhone..."


I really thought tonite would be good. I mean I heard great things about it last week and Thursday was real nice...but the shit that was goin on tonite was just mm-mmm.

The DJ was good, & the crowd was nice...but drama. Sorry Vibrant, it's not a bad plug or nothin...but man.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Target Practice.

Ice Cream Sundays!

So I heard it was real poppin last Sunday. I couldn't make it 'cause I had some business to take care of, but please believe I will be there tonight. I hear it's a real nice crowd & you know the music's gonna be hot with Mr. DJ Charma (The best DJ in WA of course!) ;) So if you have nothin to do, or just wanna go out & have a good time, I'll see ya there!

Featured Song of the Day!

Cam'ron & The Diplomats - Hey Ma RMX.

Again, another SUPER DUPER throw back. I remember me & my friends Amy & Ben would listen to this song on repeat beltin it out. This song just makes ya feel good.

OOOOWWW Charlie!

This is too funny. & he is too precious with his little accent.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ricky Ross WAS a C.O.

I really don't care about this, but I know some of ya'll do, so enjoy!


Stanky Leg w. a lot of Ass!

I mean damn, these girls are really shakin what they momma gave them. & homegirl in the white leggings is really givin ya'll the business. Do we see Magic City in the near future?

Featured Song of the Day!

Nelly - Flap Your Wings.

SUPER DUPER throw back! Lol. I remember me & my girls used to drop down & get our eagle on @ the Studio B! Ha-haaaa! Classic.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Uptown w. Drake & Bun B.


OMG! Lil Wayne Mentions Fitty's Name!

I've been seein on all my little sites that my boo Weezy dropped 50 cent's name in one of his songs. Now if your hip, then you know that Mr. Cent don't like Wayne. He even called him a rap "hoe" or some shit. Well the bar was only:

"That ni**a pimp called me before he left this bitch, told me keep doin’ ya thing and don’t tell 50 shit..."

So he mentioned his name. Did he say shit? To me, it seems as Wayne is the BIGGER & BETTER man 'cause he ain't feedin' into his bull. If 50 tries to come out with somethin about Wayne, like he did Ricky Ross, he really ain't got nothin to do with himself. Fall back one time?! Yes, I think so...

Friday, March 20, 2009


If your in The Town (Seattle), here's some options for your night:

  • Ibiza's on 2nd & James. Very nice, upscale club. Good music & lots of asian hunnies. -_-

  • Maggie's in Tacoma/Lakewood. Get there early. Last week me & my girls waited in line for a damn hour & a half & never even made it in the club 'cause of a damn fight. A little hood, but still fun.

  • Last Supper Club in Pioneer Square. Upstairs is techno/house but downstairs is nice with top 40 & hip hop. Very mixed crowd.

  • Check out a movie. "Duplicity" & "Knowing" are some new ones that came out. "Watchmen" & "Escape to Witch Mountain" are also still in theaters. Click here for all movies & show times.

  • Stay your ass @ home. =)

Featured Song of the Day!

These Streets - Gameboy.

Seattle rapper, & my family, Gameboy does this one for the ladies. From his first debut CD "It's Already a Classic", he expresses how he needs his girl to understand what he's doin in "these streets". As soon as I heard this song, I fell in love with it. So sweet, but so true.

For more on Gameboy, please click the link below.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Seat Down Low.

Man...he killed it. Bar for bar. It was like a Lil Wayne river. It just flowed so right.

"And I be wit Jim Jones and we be ballin ballin, Yea Baby we ballin like Rawlins and Spaldins..."