Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rihanna Finally Speaks?

ABC is bout to be up! Rihanna will finally break her silence....but what does this mean? Will she really address what happened between her & Chris? Or will she just be promoting her new project??? Tune in to Good Morning America this Thursday at 7AM & Friday to 20/20 at 10PM. This interview will forsure be goin down in history.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

J. Cole - Unabomber

J. Cole dropped this today via DreamVillain. One thing I love about J. Cole's music is that he tells a story...kinda like how Yeezie paints pictures in your head. This kid is the one, I'M TELLIN YOU!

Unabomber <-- click to listen!

Watch J.Cole & Wale's interview (PT. 1 & 2) with Hot 93.7's Jenny Boom Boom. They talkin about a lot! Bein on tour with Jay-Z, being signed to Roc Nation, Wale's love triangle, J.Cole got a girl *sad face* & more!

Meet The Dred Hed Clik

Casey Carter Interviewing DRED HED CLIK from Casey Carter on Vimeo.

My guys from the Dred Hed Clik introduce themselves. The only one missing was Teddy, but he'll be in the interview comin very, very soon! Press play for some giggles!

The fatest shout out ever to my DIMERZ guys. Ya'll are thee effin best!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grynch & Macklemore On The Gene Dexter Show

Just in case you missed it, here's the interview with some of Seattle's finest, Grynch & Macklemore on The Gene Dexter show. FAT shout out's to Grynch for sayin bye to me at the end. I feel so *special*! =)

-Sorry if you were coming to my site & hearing this every time! So if you did miss the interview, click here to watch it in its entirety.

Happy Birthday Toya!

Ms. Toya Carter (Weezy's 1st baby momma) celebrated her 25th Bday yesterday in the A with her boo James Hardy & girls Kandi, Tiny & more. Also there to celebrate was the mother of Weezy's first son, Sarah B. I see you Sarah. She's doin a good job at stayin in the social scene down in the ATL. It's good to see none of Wayne's BM's trippin & beefin with each other. BM's UNITE! LOL :P Oh & check out the Maserati Weezy got for her! Now that's one sexy mfcka!

Busta Knows What He's Talkin About!

Press play to see Busta Rhymes let the world know that rapper, Mistah Fab & SUPER producers, Tha Bizness, are doin it & doin it major. C'mon world, wake up! The West Coast ain't just good for that tree, we got some talent too!

Thanks to the big homie KuddieFresh for the video.

Nails Done? CHECK!

I'm totally obsessed with having my nails done. Ever since I got my first manicure this Summer I haven't stopped having nail polish on my nails. It's crazy! Anyway, a friend of mine gave me a great idea to post my nails & also ask you ladies who have nice nails to send me your pics & I'll post the coolest ones! Send all pics to:! Be creative ladies!!! I love the polish I have now! I got it just for Halloween! The black has little orange glitter pieces in it! =)

J. Cole: A Star Is Born Pt. 2 & 3

*sigh* I love him. :) Watch out ya'll....Ya'll gonna be jockin J.Cole HELLA if you ain't already!

Mike Epps Ft. Young Dro & Dorrough - Aint Chu You [Video]

Mike Epps has dropped a new album titled "Funny Bidness: The Album". All the titles of the song are hilarious (The B*tch won't leave me alone, No Dial Tone, Gone Back To Indiana....) so I'm sure it's full of comedy. I mean how could it not be? Its MIKE EPPS! This video had me ROLLIN ON THE FLOOOOOR!

3 Questions: P.O.L.O.

We had P.O.L.O from Oklahoma City on the OMG show last nite. Here are the 3 questions I had for him:

1. If you could take 1 person out the game, who would it be & why?
-My cousin Noop-Noop (*sp?). He's always tryna hop on a verse!

2. What's your favorite meal?
-Sirloin Steak & Lobster Bisk Soup.

3. 3 Fav. Albums?
-Outkast: ATLiens, UGK: Ridin Dirty & E-40: In A Major Way

Hit up P.O.L.O.:

Lil Wayne - No Ceilings MIXTAPE

This wasn't supposed to be released til Saturday, but of course ish leaks. He's killin some of the best instrumentals, especially my fav songs "Throw It In The Bag RMX" & "Ice Cream Paint Job". ENJOY!

DL: No Ceilings
Props: 2DopeBoyz



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz - I Can Transform Ya [Video]

HOTT! Chris will also be releasing a new video for single "Crawl" soon.

Jamie Foxx Is A Foo

Press play to hear Jamie Foxx go in what happened when him & Plies were on set & 30 dudes show up....and Plies ain't kno where to be found! This ish is hilarious! I've always heard that Plies wasn't who he claims to be & even heard he was a nurse, but damn, he wears running shoes too?! SMH....

Lamar & Khloe Get Ink'd Up!

Khloe posted this pic of her & her new hubby Larma Odom's new tat's they "spontaneously" got the other day. I personally KNOW this is the worse thing you could ever do so I'm glad they got something really REALLY small.

I also got tatted this weekend. I got the word "Success" on my right forearm. I love it & the location. Its a little reminder every time I look at it. =)

The Carter's Are Some Good Tippers!

Jay-Z & wife Beyonce enjoyed some lunch yesterday in NY. The bill was $1200 & they left a $500 tip. DAYUM! What a lucky waiter. To serve these two & get some nice change too?! & I'm so in love with Bey's sweater! I also love the tights with the shorts! NIIIICE!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lil Wayne: No Ceilings Mixtape Coming!

My baby Weezy is lettin ya'll kno he is back at killin everyones else's music. The No Ceilings mixtape will be droppin this Halloween & judging from the first couple leaks, its lookin like everyone better be scared.

In other Weezy news, Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to gun charges in New York last week & is waiting to serve an 8 month sentence. =( He might even have to cut off the dreads! WTF!!!

Chris Brown Misses Rihanna =*(

Chris Brown tweeted this yesterday. Now what he is referring to when he says "JUST HAD TO POST IT" is the precious video someone created on YouTube during the couples "better times". Now I don't think what happened between him & Riri is right, but I do think that this is pretty sad. The video almost brought tears to my eyes! =*( Oh well, she's doin her thang & I think its time for you to move on Chrissy Chris.

Open Mic Night: October 28th

Every Wednesday at Fusion we bring you the hottest new up & coming artist! This week Flatline Ent. will be in the building! Keimbundlez & Shann Dogg will be hittin the stage! Other artist are more then welcome to come thru & perform as well. Just bring your music & be ready! We also have HALF OFF ALL DRINKS ALL NIGHT! Every week just gets better & better. For more info on open mic night or to get an opportunity to perform, please email me: If you want to get on my discounted list as well, hit me up via twitter, email or text! I'll see ya'll this Wednesday!


Shann Dogg:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lil Wayne JR.

A picture of Weezy's first son, Dwayne Carter III, with Vietnamese/White baby momma Sara has finally surfaced! The little guy turned a year old yesterday. Isn't he just too precious?! Lauren London needs to hurry up & show us her baby boy too!

New Music From PetaTosh

Rising local artist PetaTosh dropped off some new music today. PetaTosh was the first artist to perform at my Open Mic Nights at Fusion (along with TayWill). He has some good people co-signing to his talent so I'd start paying more attention to him, if you aren't already.
All The Above
Camera Phone
I'm Kinda High
Say It Right
She Wears Her Sunglasses

Mike Epps On Chelsea Lately

My favorite comedian Mike Epps (Next Friday, Friday After Next, All About The Benjamins, etc...) was on the Chelsea Lately show last night. Her interviews are always hilarious but Mike added some extra laughs. Enjoy!

Can Twitter Save The World?

Last week on OMGonlineradio we went in on the subject of technology & how its taken over our lives. I'll admit, I am one person who has been affected by this. It can be a negative thing, but can also be a very positive thing. Watch Jermaine Dupri along with others discuss how twitter & the internet can be a very valuable tool on gettin a message across.

Paula Patton For Giant Magazine

Paula Patton, who is also Robin Thicke's wife, did a nice spread for Giant Magazine. Ain't she the truth? She'll be featured on the December cover...Also Paula & Robin will be expecting their first child next year! :) Can you believe they've been together for 14 years?!

Click here for the interview & more pics!

My Interview With NoClue

Me & my guy NoClue sat down to talk about who he is, what he's doin & SEATTLE's rise to the top! I also hit him with the famous Casey Carter: 3 Questions & his answers are very...VERY interesting! It's crazy...I just posted his video from WorldStar then I get lucky enough to interview him? I LOVE MY LIFE! *Sorry the sound is so low...turn up your speakers! =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NoClue: The Worlds Fastest Rapper

Seattle native, NoClue, spits an acapella verse. I can't even keep up with what he's saying!


Last night, twitter went nuts over the trending topic (somethin that everyone's tweetin' about for all you non-twitter folks) "RIP Kanye West". Don't know who started it, or why they did but rest assure, it was just a LIE, RUMOR, HOAX, & SOME BULLSHIT. His boo Amber Rose didn't find this funny & went in & started "#longliveyeezy".

Via Amber Rose's Twitter:
This RIPKanyeWest topic is not funny and its NOT TRUE! He has people like myself and his family that love him very much.

Its in extreme poor taste to have that as a trendy topic. It's totally disrespectful to make up a story like this where all human

and we all make mistakes and to say someone died cuz of a mistake is ridiculous. U wouldn't want someone to say that about u

Or someone u love it's not funny.

#LongLiveYeezy #LongLiveYeezy #LongLiveYeezy #LongLiveYeezy #LongLiveYeezy #LongLiveYeezy

I'll always ride for my man!!!! I'm bout to get off here and still RIDE for him. LITERALLY. Holla!
They are too precious. I love how she went hard for her boo. This joke wasn't funny, especially since I'm such a huge Yeezy fan. Haters will be haters & they really ain't affectin Kanye, Amber or anyone but themselves. Lets get a life people and quit reporting & starting rumors. The world is already fucked up as it is!

NEW Open Mic Night

There have been a few changes to the Open Mic Night at Fusion (right off the 45h St. exit in the U-District) every Wednesday. We still are displaying rising local talent just like before but now MORE of you can perform that night! We will still have our "Headliners" who will be able to perform about 2-4 songs, but now we're giving others the opportunity to perform as well. In between sets, other artist will be able to get on stage & perform 1 of their songs! We will also be playing the hottest hip-hop along with local artist music as well! Want to perform? Want us to play your music?? E-mail me all info to: Drink specials are also HALF OFF ALL DRINKS ALL NIGHT! It's still 18/21+ so if you wanna come through, hit me for my *special list*! I hope to see you guys there!

3 Questions: Kendrick Lamar

Every week on we have new up & coming artist on the show. We play their music, interview 'em & let them shine. During their time on the show, I have 3 questions that I like to ask. These 3 questions could be anything...but the artist MUST answer them. This week we had West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar. The kid has a bright future ahead of him. His story is very positive & he also has a very unique and different sound to him. I encourage you all to check out his MySpace & follow him on twitter if you aren't already.

1. What are 3 things you can't live without?
-Family, Food & GOD.

2. If you could sign to any record label, which one would it be?
-I'd sign to the label that I'm already with, TopDawg ENT. They've believed & showed me love from the beginning.

3. Favorite music video of all time?
-Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Logics, Spaceman, Brainstorm & Grynch - Forever NW RMX

Some of the Town's finest on this one....SEATTLE, STAND UP!

Forever NW RMX (click to listen)

Rihanna's New Single & Promo Video

The wait is ALMOST ova! Rihanna's new single, which was written by Ne-Yo, has leaked! & she's also released a promo video for her new album Rated R. Her music video will premiere on prime-time ABC soon & was directed by Anthony Mandler (Jay-Z's "Lost One", Beyonce's "Irreplaceable", Mary J. Ft. Drake "The One", etc...& HELLA Rihanna vids).

Russian Roulette (click to listen)

Happy Hump Day!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Videos You Must Watch When You Have Some Time

First is a video of blogger Life Skills schoolin folks on "DOIN THE MOST" in relationships. It's very entertaining & he does have very good points. Now ladies, don't start trippin on your man if you are in a relationship after watchin this video. This is just his opinion, and even tho he is keepin it so funky, that doesn't mean fckin up what you got (whether its a good thing or not) just cause what this man on the internet said.

Next is a short film directed by Spike Jonez staring Kanye West. It's a little different but very entertaining. Yeezie really displays his acting skills in this one.

Pics From Trey's New Video

R&B singer Trey Songz just recently shot his new video for his single "Invented Sex" which features Drake. Here are a few still shots of him & his leading lady in the video. No word on if Drizzy is in the video, but lets all cross our fingers. Haven't heard the song? Well click the vid below. I kno, I make life so easy. =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


One Chance - Try To Fight
Gucci & Drake - Believe It Or Not (YES DRIZZY GOT A SONG WITH GUCCI!)
I forgot to add this one super duper filthy song. The beat is FIIIIIIIYAAAAH.

Open Mic Night

So open Mic Night has changed a little bit. We got a lot more promoters on board so there will be a wide variety of music every Wednesday night at Fusion. Instead of BOGO drinks, we're just doin HALF OFF ALL DRINKS ALL NIGHT TIL DECEMBER! Wanna get on the bill to perform??? HOLLA AT ME FOR ALL DETAILS! Shoot me an email with all your info & music with the subject title: OPEN MIC NIGHT to

This Week we got Bad Company on stage. I just recently did a post on them which included their mixtape. You can read & DL here. I'm really a huge fan of these guys. Their music is just simply filthy. If you wanna come down & enjoy some good music & drinks, HOLLA AT ME FOR MY DISCOUNTED LIST. I'll see all ya'll this Wednesday!

Bad Company:


I've been hearin about this CARTER guy for a minute now, but I just recently got a chance to see/hear some of his work. HE'S ON! His music is tight & his video's are dope as fck. I'm sure we'll be seein him on MTV real soon cause this kind of work deserves some shine & love. Ain't familiar with CARTER? Well GET FAMILIAR by clicking here! The first sentence of his bio says it ALL: "..With a name like "Carter" one can only think of the success and talent associated with the likes of Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne, both sharing the surname." YESSIRR! Carter is such a BOSSY name! *dusts off shoulder*

Friday, October 16, 2009

Melanie Fiona "Subway Series"

Her voice is just simply amazing. Watch in awwwww.

LeToya's Got A New Man...

Letoya Luckett, who was previously dating rapper Slim Thug, was seen sitting court side at a LA Clippers game with LA Dodger Matt Kemp. I'm unsure if they're "dating" or "just friends". They do look pretty happy & cute together tho. Ladies, here go some more pix of Matt. Ain't he yummy?!

Angela Simmons Likes Freaks?!

One of my top sites ConcreteLoop posted these pics of Angela Simmons & is sayin the dude with her is her boyfriend & they've been dating for months. If you don't kno who this guy is, its recording artist Skillz from the group Play-N-Skillz. They're most famous cut is "Freaks" kno "the world has too many frreeeeaks...". I think they make a cute couple & I LOOOOVE Angela's Lily Allen For Chanel bag!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's Kick It!

This Sat, Jay-Z will be in town performin at the Key Arena. There's probably a million after parties, but Soul Gorilla's at Heavens is the one you need to be at.

Also, next Sat, my guy LennyLen will be havin a Masquerade Ball at Kolbeh down on 1st ave. I'll be hosting the red carpet at my friend TeddyTee's BDay party @ Vertigo (tix $15/$25 door)...but will mos def be there in spirit. =)

Get To Know Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey explains to you how he started his rap career & about his music. I love seein a new face to the new West Coast. With cats like him, J. Rock, Glasses Malone, Pac Div, & more I'm sure we'll be shinin more in no time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creative Recreation Holiday 2009

Creative Recreations are quite popular here in Seattle. Here's a preview of the 2009 Holiday collection. I didn't wanna overload my page with all the shoes so click here to see the rest of the filthy kicks. They're all HELLLLLA filthy.

Nicholas Kirkwood Spring 2010

I've posted Nicholas Kirkwood a couple times & just love the style of the shoe. The colors & designs are dope too! Until I can actually afford these, I'll just keep dreaming...and blogging about them. =/


Ms. RiRi is BACK! Well she will be next month with either her new single or album. She announced this via her REAL TWITTER PAGE yesterday with a simple tweet "The Wait Is Ova. Nov 23 09". I'm such a huge Rihanna fan, fashion & musically so I'm super excited! Drake, Justin Timberlake, The All-American Rejects & Ne-Yo are just a few artist that have been rumored to be on the project! I can't wait til the wait is ova!