Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I done heard it all. Rap beef, MySpace beef & now BLOGGER BEEF? Atlanta based bloggers Necole Bitchie & Sandra Rose clearly are not fans of one another. It started off when Sandra Rose posted an e-mail basically saying that Necole wasn't a fan of Trey, but gettin paid to write about him.

Yesterday I wrote a post about struggling R&B singer Trey Song and I decided to throw in an email that someone forwarded to me earlier this year. That someone wanted me to put blogger Necole Bitchie on blast because they were surprised to see that Necole was carrying on a fake affair with Trey since she supposedly didn’t like him.

That someone thought Necole was being paid to write favorable posts about Trey and other Atlantic Records’ artists — sort of like Payola for blogging. They knew that I was the perfect one to put her on blast. But at the time, I declined to do so.

After I published the email yesterday, it exposed a side of Necole that she didn’t want people to see. She thought that side of her was well-hidden along with her other secrets.

Necole couldn’t deny writing the email since I am not the only one with a copy. That email was forwarded to others within the industry as proof of what a hypocrite she is. As a result, she panicked.

She called people in Atlanta, screaming and crying on the phone like she was losing it, telling them that I “added words” to her email. She begged them to ask me to pull the post down and she asked them for my number.
Necole didn't like that so she blogged...

I didn’t call around town asking for her number as she stated on twitter last night. I was freely giving the number because that person felt as though we should talk. I called and she didn’t answer because she’s a coward. She would never step to me in person or anyone. She’s good at what she does. Hiding behind a computer. I’m told that you’ll never see her at an Atlanta event because she’s scared to come out of her house. I was also sent videos and photos of Sandra with her stripper lover or whatever, but at the end of the day…what am I going to do with that? What is that going to prove?
This is just a mess! I've always been a huge Necole fan so I think I'm kinda siding on this corny little fued. Read the rest of the mess by clicking the links below & see why I'm on Team Necole.

Necole Bitchie: A Thorn on the Rose.
Sandra Rose:
Necole: 'I don't have a pot to piss in'

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