Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rihanna takes CB back!

I've been reading on all the sites that Rihanna has taken Chris Brown back after the beat down he gave her. It's being said that her dad is even supporting this choice. Whatever she does, its her business seriously. I feel bad for the girl for two reasons, first that she got her ass whooped, second, that she got her ass whooped and her business got put out there! I mean, if I got my ass whooped I wouldn't want everyone in my damn business. It's obvious the two are in love, and I think that we should just leave the two young'ns alone.

Featured Song of the Day!

Gorilla Zoe w. Gucci - Broom.

"She asked me whats the broom stick & I told her to the d*ck. She asked me what to do with it & I told her to sit..."

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

They Still Like Me.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Featured Song of the Day!

Bow Wow & J.D. - Roc the Mic.

I did not think this song was gonna be this good, but after watching the video, it just made it BOMB. I love it.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Get Silly (his version.)

"Get silly, not stupid man. Never save a h*e, she better ask Soulja Boy to Superman..."

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Something I do love? BABIES! Especially cute ones! Here's baby Harlow w. Momma Nicole & she is just the cutest little thing ever!

I HATE them.

Seriously. Just look at them. They irk the sh*t out of me....just thought I'd share that with you guys.


Look at Princess RiRi on vacation lookin all sad...I feel so bad for the girl! Cheer up girl! & have a drink! Your legal now! =)

Jamie Foxx Ft. T-Pain - Blame It

The stars were out this night! With Forest Whitaker, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard & many more stars, you would think the video shoot was an actual party! Why so many stars? Jamie said it was a Biggie inspired video. Foxx told MTV "Remember when Biggie did the 'One More Chance' remix video? So, we relived that. But (we have) the most Oscar-nominated and Oscar Winning in one video that you ever seen."


Featured Song of the Day!

I'm really goin through this "Drake" thing right now. I won't call it a phase 'cause I know I'll always be a fan. Anyway, my new favorite song for the moment is from his most recent mix tape "So Far Gone" & it's titled "Best I Ever Had". It's such a cute song! I always love it when rappers make sweet songs about females, especially when they have nice little bars like:

"I be hittin' all the spots that you ain't even know its there & you don't even have to ask twice, you can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice, always felt like you were accustomed to the fast life, have a ni**a think that he met you in a past life, sweat pants, hair tie, chillin w. no make up on, that's when your the prettiest, I hope you don't take it wrong, you don't even trip when friends say 'You ain't bringin Drake along?' you know that I'm workin, I'll be there as soon as I make it hoooome..."

& that's just the first verse! If you haven't heard it yet, you can go onto my radio page on MySpace & listen to it! & if you like it, (which I know you will!!!) you can add it to your page's play list! YAYY! So what are you waiting for? GO NOW!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Payow RMX w. Bobby Valentino.

"I came once, you came farther & you came harder & I know I make it rain but you rained harder..."

Cream Cheese Hot Dog!

So I'm watching "Hot Dog Paradise" on the Travel Channel & they said that the average American eats about 16 hot dogs a year. That must mean some of us in Seattle are not "average" 'cause I know we all like to get down on those Cream Cheese Hot Dogs after we go to the clubs, and I see most of ya'll every weekend! LOL. Now I don't eat those things every weekend 'cause their a little too fattening for me, but I know some of ya'll probably get down every weekend! It's okay, don't be ashamed because those dogs are pretty good.

Now if you haven't had a chance to taste one yet, you need to get one ASAP! They have these hot dog stands all over the town. From Pioneer Square to Broadway to Bell Town. & just a tip, DO NOT grab the hot sauce when trying to put ketchup on your hot dog. My friends had a bad experience with that & let's just say I think her lips are still at that hot dog stand! LOL.


My bestfriend Kiasha aka KSneaky made a very valuable point yesterday, I DON'T GIVE A F*CK! Lol. & this is exactly why this statement is truly how I feel...haha. REALLY.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Music!

I just updated my radio page on MySpace so if you love HOT NEW music, then check it out! & don't forget to add me as well!

OctoMom Gotta Pay Some Bills!

Vivid Entertainment has offered Nadya Suleman aka OctoMom $1 Million to shake what her momma gave her in one of their films. They're also throwing in 1 years worth of health insurance.

The mom, who doesn't have a job, is receiving government assistant for her 6 other children but isn't exactly sure what will happen when her other 8 babies come home. The public just doesn't care about this broad, and even her mom is saying she's kinda coo-coo. Either way, she needs to pay the bills! I wonder what her movie will be titled...Octo-Pussy? LOL.

Poof! It's Over!

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's ex, & Chris Angel have now called it quits. The couple, who has been dating for a few months, have broken up due to conflict of schedules. She couldn't be in Vegas all the time 'cause she had her own things she was doing, and considering he has shows and stuff in Vegas, they had to break up. They're saying she still loves him very much, but they will just remain close friends. sad. =(

Featured Song of the Day!

Marcus Davis - Filipina Girl. =)

This song is too precious, and its about me! Well

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

F*ck The World. He was just a baby, but still came with it. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jimmy/Drake/Aubrey Graham!

Ok, seriously this guy is amazing! When I first seen Drake, it was on the Canadian teen show Degrassi. His character, Jimmy, was shot by one of the other characters on the show which ended up paralyzing him and leaving him in a wheel chair through out the rest of his time on the show. Sad!

So next I heard this song titled "Replacement Girl" by an artist named Drake featuring Trey Songz. I loved it, but I didn't know who this person was. I thought it was just one of those random one hit wonders which I would never see this persons face, and I found out that it was Jimmy from Degrassi! I was trippin! I couldn't believe little, precious Jimmy was a rapper! Let alone talkin about finding a replacement girl! Lol! & to top it off, he actually had skills. Then I saw him featured in the Trey Songz video "Wonder Woman" so I was thinking that he was exclusively working with him or that they were friends or something, but I was wrong, kinda.

The next song I heard from Drake was "Brand New" and I was SHOCKED! I did not know this guy could sing too! & it was actually good. The remix came out next with my boo Wayne, which was even better. After that, I just kept seeing a Young Money connection with Drake. He came out with "Ransom" with Wayne which really displayed his skills. I mean bar after bar, Drake brought it. It was some serious fire from someone I totally did not expect it!

Now Drake has actually made a name for himself. With his Wayne influenced sound, mixed in with some Kanye I seriously think this is just only the beginning for Drake. He's on tour with Young Money right now & is also featured in the new "Every Girl" video with Young Money! Yayy!

His mix tape "So Far Gone" is absolutely insane. It's seriously one of the best mix tapes I've heard. He's singing, rapping, he has Wayne on there & it's just great! If you haven't heard it yet, please do yourself a favor & get it now!

For more Drake, go to his MySpace!

Young Money - Every Girl

I never thought this would ever happen, but it did! Lil Wayne & the Young Money team have made a video for the bombest song ever (ok, not ever. but CLOSE ENOUGH!) Every Girl. It features Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine. I mean, have you heard this song? I don't care what their talking about, it's a great song!

Anyway, they made a video for it, but it hasn't been released yet so here's a video from the shoot. As soon as I find the video tho, I will put it on here!

Anyone else feel the same way?

Do ya'll watch "The Bad Girls Club" on the Oxygen channel? I'm sure you do, but is it just me, or is Ailea the most annoying b*tch ever? I mean seriously, she sits there and cries and whines and it is sooooo annoying. Then when she was talking shit to the Amber's, I just wanted to reach in the TV and slap this broad. UGH! Sorry, I just had to know if anyone else felt the same

Another Teacher-Student Love Affair!

What is it with these lady teachers fuckin with their male students?! Read on....

A 24-year-old teacher from Holyoke, Massachusetts, is in
custody after allegedly leaving town with a 15-year-old student, city officials
said Tuesday.

Lisa Lavoie and the male student were found in Morgantown,
West Virginia, Monday night after apparently being together for a week, Holyoke
Mayor Michael Sullivan said. Investigators have charged Lavoie with enticement
of a child.

On February 13, the student's parents informed school
officials of a possible relationship between the teacher and their son. That was
late on a Friday afternoon, and when officials went to the school to question
Lavoie, she was gone for the day. The next week was a vacation week for the

The student was reported missing on February 16, at
the start of the vacation week. Lavoie wasn't reported missing until she didn't
show up for school Monday.

Officials said the pair were in Vermont on Thursday
before showing up in West Virginia on Monday. No details were provided on how
their alleged movements were traced.

Officials couldn't take the pair into custody until after
gathering enough evidence to obtain a warrant from the district attorney's
office, said
Holyoke Police Chief Anthony Scott. They
got the warrant Monday and asked police in Morgantown to arrest

She has been placed on administrative leave pending
conclusion of the investigation, Sullivan said.

If convicted, Lavoie could lose her teaching license
in Massachusetts, the mayor said. She has been with the school only five months
and her job is not protected under contract, he said.

I just don't get it...seriously. Then again, I ain't a white teacher...(no offense to those.) I mean do they think that they're really gonna live happily ever after?! Hmmm...

Featured Song of the Day!

So my life doesn't just revolve all around Mr. Weezy Carter! I do listen to other artists. I actually listen to ALL artists. I absouletly love music so I decided to start a "Featured Song of the Day!". There will be no criteria or limitations to my songs so check back daily! & you already know its gonna be a cut. It wouldn't be in my nature if it wasn't! Enjoy!

Today's featured song:

Super duper throw back...That's How I Like It by Beyonce & her main squeeze Jay-Z. I know ya'll love this one!

Dang Bey!

Here's some photo's from Beyonce's most recent shoot for some bathing suits. Mrs. Carter's lookin great, but where did all that meat go? 'Cause she's lookin real, REAL Lindsay Lohan in these pics...Just look at her arms & her thighs!

My Boo Don't Want Any Trouble!

Today, a judge ruled that Lil Wayne will stand trial on April 20th for his gun charges after finding sufficient evidence to suggest the he was holding something when the police raided his tour bus in July 2007. He's only facing two counts, one count of criminal weapons possession and one count of criminal possession of a loaded weapon. At the moment he is out on $70,000 bail and will return to on the 20th which has changed his mind on his release date on his new rock-influenced album, Rebirth, from April 7th to May 19th. If Mr. Carter does get convicted, he's facing a maximum of 15 years in prison, but we all KNOW that isn't going to happen. He's a SUPERSTAR! Good luck baby! =)

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

RoadBlock w. Mack Maine & T-Streets.

*If you haven't heard this one, please DL it NOW! =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yeezy & His New Breezy

Since Kanye & his beautiful designer girl, Alexis Phifer broke thier engangement, he's found himself a new girl, or should I say jump-off. Video girl, Amber Rose has been seen every where with Kanye. Here they are together during Fashion Week. Ya'll might remember her from the Ludacris & Chris Brown video "What Them Girls Like". She's a hott girl & she's pullin that bald head real nice, but I've seen on a couple sites that she likes I wonder if she's just bi or just tryna make a name for herself. Hmmm....

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Sorry ya'll, had to take a little break due to my birthday weekend, but anyways the song of the day today is One Night Only. I've been saving this song since I started this thing just cause I feel that he personally wrote that song about me! Lol. Seriously, if you just listen to the words & you know me, then you'd probably think he was talkin about me too. If you haven't heard it, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

"She's more than a fan..."

*might I add, doesn't he just look so YUMMY in that pic?!? MMMMMM....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Ain't I (his version.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Such a nice guy! Always willling to get us in the damn club without waitin in line & paying! He was always smiling or happy everytime I saw him. Him & his girl, my girl, Margie were seriously one of the most precious couples. I'll miss seeing him during my drunken nights, saying wasap & asking where Margie & Amy are....


Christina & The Dream?

It's a rumor that Christina Milian & The Dream are an actual couple. She has signed to his record label "Radio Killa", but I'm not so sure if they are a real item. I've seen pictures on some of my gossip sites lately & they do kinda look like a couple, but then again they could just be friends. Who knows, but I guess he needed to find him a new hot songstress since Nivea went back to her real love, Weezy.

If this is true, lets hope Mr. Dream helps out this girls career out since Dre didn't do much!

Where Did They Go?

Last night I was up watching TV & on BET they were playing "House Party 4" which starred IMX & Megan Good. There were all types of things wrong about the movie. First, Chris Stokes aka "I like to hump little boys" directed the movie, second, the acting was horrible & third, neither Kid or Play were in the movie! WTF?

Anyway, my main point is what ever happened to Immature/IMX? They were actually good! Not to mention they all looked pretty damn good. Marques Houston was doing coo for a minute, but I haven't heard a hit from him in a while. Romeo just had the one feature in the Marques' song "All Because Of You", but what the heck happened to LDB?! It seems as if he's dissapeared off the planet, just like their original member Don "Half-Pint" Santos. You might remember his precious ass from "House Party 2". Did I mention he was filipino too? HOLLAAAA!

If you find these guys, tell 'em to give it a try again! I miss their music...

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

The Mobb.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Too Clean w. Lil Chucky

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh Hell No!

Did ya'll hear what that broad "Cocktail" said on tonight's "For the Love of RayJ" episode?? This dumb ass compared losing in a competition on who knows the most about RayJ to losing in the Superbowl or Olympics! WTF?! Does this girl even know the magnitude of any of those events? Especially winning in those? HAHAHA. This girl is ill. After reading up on her little profile, I discovered her ass is really a bimbo. She said that men tell her after a week that they love her, but yet, she hasn't had a boyfriend in three years. Hmmmm....?

50 Clowns...Again!

50 Cent is really an ass. I mean, his little "Pimpin Curley" bit was funny but to clown on the whole situation with Rihanna & Chris Brown is too much. I guess with all that money, you don't really need to give a f*ck...

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Lift It Up w. Hunt.
If you haven't heard it yet, I suggest you download it riiiiiiiiiiight...NOW!

Baby Max & Emme!

J.Lo & Marc Anthony brought out their adorable twins this weekend at a concert they had at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Aren't they just the cutest little twins ever? Well besides Brad & Angies of course!

Sex w. Animals?!

Ya'll ever watch that show "Manswers"? It's a show on Spike TV that asks the most random & weird questions that only a guy would want to know. Anyways, one of the questions was "Which animal is most like having sex with a female?"

First they started explaing which animal that most men have admitted to have had sex with & the top 2 were horses & dogs. GROSS!!!!

But neither one of those is the most like a female. It's actually a sea animal named the Dugong. They say its most like a female because its private part is kinda just like ours! It has a slit (like a vagina) with an actual clitoris! YUCK!

I hope there aren't any idiots out there who actually will do this 'cause even typing this story makes me wanna throw up! UGH. But very interesting information. Oh the things guys wonder!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tropic Thunder!

I know I'm kind of late on watching this movie, but man! I finally got to sit back enjoy it & that I did! This movie was funny from beginning to end. Everyone is just as hilarious as the next, but the most suprising character in the whole movie? TOM CRUISE! If you haven't watched it yet, please do yourself a favor & WATCH IT!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Unstoppable w. Drake & SantoGold.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Amazing Love =)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lauren London havin Weezy's baby?!

WHAT THEEEE F*CK! Its rumored that the beautiful Ms. Lauren London is preggers, 4 months to be exact. & who is the father? Well the "source" didn't say exactly who it was, but they did say that it was "one of the top rappers in the country". It ain't Jay-Z, TI nor Jeezy...& it can't be Diddy cause he is far from being one of the top rappers in the country. It was a rumor a while back that her & Wayne were engaged, but we all see that wasn't true, so hopefully this one ain't true. Well at least it being Weezy's. His ass just had a baby not too long ago!

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

Turn My Swag On RMX w. Soulja Boy Tell Em!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dead Rodents found at Peanut Plant!

UGH! This story is just DISGUSTING! So I know ya'll know about the re-call on peanuts and stuff, but now after finding dead rodents, rodent excrement and bird feathers, they are re-calling everything made from this plant in Plainville, Texas.

The plant's ventilation system pulled debris
"from the infested crawl space into production areas of the plant resulting in
the adulteration of exposed food products," a health department news release
Officials at the plant, which opened in March 2005 and produced
oil-roasted peanuts, dry-roasted peanuts, peanut meal and granulated peanut,
voluntarily stopped operations Monday night.
"Our understanding is that the
bulk of their products go to other food manufacturers," McBride said. "We're not
aware of any direct sales to consumers."

They're preforming tests to see if any of their products contain salmonella or other disease-causing organisms & the plant can't resume any operations until approval from health services.

THIS IS JUST GROSS! I can't even enjoy my Peanut M&M's anymore! BOOOO!

Ray J about to be a Baby Daddy?!

I just read on one of my gossip sites that Danger, from the show "For the Love of Ray J" is pregnant & that IT IS Ray J's. They're saying that she has admitted to sleeping with him after the first week of the show & has slept with him every night during the duration of the show. They did use a condom but it ended up breaking. The producers of the show gave her a morning after pill, but I guess it didn't work because after the filming of the show, she went to the doctor & they told her she was about 2 months preggers!

Whats crazy now is that the broad doesn't even want Ray J no more & has moved on to Nick Cannon's brother, Gabriel. Daaaamn....the things that make you go HMMMM.....

Lil Wayne For PRESIDENT!

Have ya'll heard "The Dedication 3" yet? Well if not, get on it. Anyways, theres a little bit on there titled "What Else Is There To Do" where Weezy's talkin about things he hasn't done yet that he needs to do. He mentions Grammy's (which he just accomplished! & won!) Emmy's, then he starts namin of some beezies like Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes then he says SARAH PALIN! LOL! But what's funny is what he says Sarah Palin would be shouting out at a debate if he fucked with her...."LIL WAYNE FOR PRESIDENT!" HAHA! I bet she would too.

Anyways, the reason I mention this is 'cause I BEEN ON THAT! Last year during our Summer Jam here in Seattle, Lil Wayne was the headline performer & you know I was pumped. So with the election going on, I came up with a great shirt idea. Well you just take a look yourself....

Such a devoted fan! =)

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

1 King. MY KING!!! =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Dream's new Video!

I looooooooooove this freakin song! I'm glad its a real single with a video 'cause now that means I will be hearing this at the club! Lol. The Dream always has good, but plain videos. I'm lovin the effects in this one too. Enjoy!

New Music!

I just updated my radio page on MySpace sooooo please go check it out & add me & add my music to your page's playlist! =)


I remember when my BFF Reg told me to YouTube "Stanky Leg" I could not stop laughing. That shit was hella hyphy but still that dance was too funny, but I never would've thought it would really go main stream! First I saw it on T-Mobile as a ringtone, then when I saw the video premiere on 106th & Park! I was like damn! It really ain't that hard to make it. Soulja Boy did it with that "SuperMan" shit & now these guys did it with the "Stanky Leg"...I'm thinkin me & my bitches can make it with that "What's Your Screen Name?". Ya'll be on the look for that! ;)

GS Boys - Stanky Leg

Man Jumps off a Bridge for a JOB!!!

I guess it really is hard to get a job now a days! Read on and see what one man in Florida did to make sure he was getting hired!

"A Fort Pierce man jumped off the South Causeway Bridge
on Tuesday in order to land a job in Australia.
Christopher Grima, 25, told
police he wanted to videotape his jump to put on his resume. However, his stunt
caught the attention of a Fort Pierce police officer, who saw Grima swimming
toward the shore.
According to the police report, "The subject stated that
he was applying for employment in Australia and wanted to capture a video of
himself jumping off the bridge, to gain attention of the recruiters.""

I wonder if he even got the job! LOL!

*not actual person/jumper.

Lil Wayne Song of the Day!

"I'm that shit! Fuck what you smellin. Stanky as I wanna be bitch. Funky, Dirty, FILTHY RIIIIIIICH!"