Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drizzy As Mike Jack From Degrassi


Jarv Dee & His Baby Girl Qayli In The Studio

This is just too freakin precious! "You can't mess with my daddy, SUCKAAAAAZ!" LOL!

His project, Talkin Shit comin soon!

GMK Songs For The Bloggers Ice Cream Social

I just wanna know where the heck was I in this video?! I'm sayin...! Lol, kinda...haha.

Via: GMK's Blog.

Photo's From Ms. Ego Ent's Photoshoot For Our Harlem Nights Flyer

Me & my beautiful ladies KSneaky & Freaky G had a photoshoot with the very talented Dawnielle Rene in downtown Seattle for our upcomin event Harlem Nights. The party is on Thursday, July 16th @ SeeSound Lounge. Pre-Sale tix are only $10! The flyer will be out this weekend. Hit us for ticket info by callin me or e-mail: msegoent@gmail.com. I hope to see all you of you there 'cause you know its goin down!

To see the rest of the pics, click right heeere.

Wiz Khalifa - Name On A Cloud/Wussup

Dopeness. This kid is on the right path to the top! & that acapella is fckin sick.

Mr. Fatal Lucciauno

Here goes an interview w. Tilson of the Saturday Nights & some footage from his 90.3 KEXP performance. Also a nice little free verse. Oh yeah & shout outs to DJ Swervewon! I see you in the back! =)

Ms. Ego Ent & Young Takeum LOL

Before our lovely shoot for our party on JULY 16TH @ SEESOUND LOUNGE, me & my beezies decided to push record. Enjoy!

Drake On BET Awards Post Show & Jamie Foxx Smokes Dro

Love this interview! Poor Tiny & Toya tho, they ain't say one word! Seriously tho, he's only a mixtape artist in reality & has already performed at the BET awards. Damn, damn, DAMN! Just in case you missed his performace (cause I sure did), here it goes too.

Kim Kardashian Kicks It!

She was in Vegas this weekend to celebrate sister Khloe's Bday & also at the opening of "Sugar Factory". Before that, she was with Lala on her Bday at Nobu. Damn, now thats the kinda socialite status I'm tryna get on with! Oh, & I absolutly love the reverse cat eye! I'm gonna have to go visit my girl Mary @ MAC to get that asap.

Via: Kim Kardashian.

Jordan VI "Infrared" 2010

These bad boys will be out January 2010. I already marked my calendar.

Drake "Coaches" You On "Best I Ever Had" Video

Okay already! Where is the video?!???

Stay Out Her Bidness!

So what if Riri left Rashard Lewis's Apt. building w. no pants on? She's grown & something you guys always fail to realize with all celebs is that they are JUST LIKE US! She's a hot chick (pause), so all the dudes of course wanna fck w. her. I'm not sayin she's gettin on w. all the dudes she's been linked to, but she can still have friends. She's not messin with no one exclusive & she just got done with a very bad & VERY PUBLIC breakup, let her ass live.

Love the outfit girl! & the shoes are BAD!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jay-Z - Death Of Autotune [Video] & Shuttin Down The Rumor!

NICE. Love the cool explosions! Oh yeah & about those rumors about Jay-Z bein the reason Chris Brown was not allowed to be apart of the tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET awards, I'd like to shut those down. I doubt that was true in anyway. From what I hear the reason is because Cover Girl (which endorses Rihanna) didn't want him to do it & threatned to pull back from bein a sponser. I'm pretty sure the VMA's will grab that chance to wow us with their tribute. Can't wait!

GMK's Ice Cream Social

The oh so Brilliant GMK had a great Ice Cream Social this past Sunday at the very beautiful Cal Anderson Park. I got there kinda late, so all the ice cream was melted, but damn did it look good. Here go some pics from the brilly event! You guys should also check out his site/blog if you haven't. Its so cool. gmkbrilliantreality.com

Melted Rainbow Sherbet. =(

Eatin some Gummy Worms w. Reina & Moni

Mr. Wes Goodlife!

Such Greatness! Me & GMK

We are so COOL.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pac Div - The Mayor [Video]

If ya'll aren't up on Pac Div, YOUR SLEEP! They're from LA & consist of Like, BeYoung & Mibbs. Such a dope concept for the video. I'm sure ya'll will be "Jockin Jay-Z" after you watch it!

My Uncles In Prison Giggin For Michael Jackson

LOL, ok, they ain't really my uncles, but here go a bunch of Filipino prisoners paying tribute to the King of Pop. If ya'll didn't know, they also did "Thriller" like 2 or 3 years ago which was on point too. Big ups to my girl Jen of Sportn' Life for puttin me on! =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spaceman & The Coug!

LOL! Too funny! The smoke makes it even more sensual, hahaha!

Pics From Neema's Unplugged Show @ The Nectar

If you weren't there on Thursday, you so missed out! The band I believe was called Direct Supply &/or Key Element w. Kevin Garnett & they were filthy! They even had some OG rappers & they were just too funny, but very entertaining. Spaceman of course did his thang. Had somebodies momma up there givin him the bidness too! LOL. Mad Rad was suprisingly DOPE! White boys shoutin out "Pop that pu**y!" LMAO! Neema aka Mr. 10K did awsome with the band too. Overall a good show! Oh yeah & shout outs to Ms. Mellisa as well!

This dude was hellie tall. I thought he was security! LOL

Me & Missy

OG Rapper

Thats my cuzzo's new boo! He was killin that guitar! LOL


Grynch & Melissa

Neema aka Mr. 10K

Damn I'm SHORT! Don't you just love his shirt?!

Space, Diggz & Ken

Congrats T-Will!

My guy Terrence Williams aka T-Will was draft pick #11 this week & will be goin to New Jersey to play for the Nets. Congrats buddy! If its one thing I know about the Town, its that we know how to breed us some ball players!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So this was supposed to go up yesterday, but my dumbass forgot about it. Anyway, enjoy.

What The F*ck Is 50 Talkin About?!

This mfcka is just too ill for me. Like who are you? Ok, I take that back, lol. He's fckin 50 Cent! But still, dude be easy one time. Your not the best at everything & rapping is one of them. Quit side hatin on the ones who are destined for greatness my dude!

Nipsey Hustle Freestyle

So I hear this guy is really what it is & he could be the one to put the west coast back on? I never knew we fell off with all the talent we have here. Anyway, I agree, he is pretty dope...In that super duper west coast gangsta way.


Damn, another King gone. I never thought I'd see this day. =*(

Tiny & Toya's Commercial For Their New Reality Show

I can't wait til this ish comes on! & you might wanna turn your sound up cause the quality isn't that good...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ME w. Serg & Britney

Like I said, I gotta try & keep up w. GMK so here goes a video of me talkin about some events comin up & oh yeah, a basketball court on top of a building! NIIIIIICE!

Nuvo Promo Party & Fluorescent Party This Week!

If you didn't know, Soul Gorilla has moved over to the east side & is now at the Vertigo on Thursdays. They will be throwin a Nuvo Promo party there this Thursday & ladies are free all night!

Also 5ive Star Ent has teamed up with Soul Gorilla to bring you the Fluorescent Party at Heavens this sat. I know you've seen the footage & pics from their events I've attended, so you do not want to miss this!

GMK - Inside Audioasis

This guy makes me wanna step my video blogging up! Did I mention "Songs For The Bloggers" is now on iTunes? GET BRILLY & get on it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

Off their new upcoming mixtape How Fly, these 2 young'ns have leaked some dope tracks. I wonder what happened w. Curren$y & Weezy..? Seems as if their relationship is non-existent since Drake came along...hmmm.

Props 2DopeBoyz.

Bossip Is Faulty: Transformer Premeire

While browsing one of my favorite sites, Bossip, I came across: Who Looked More Like A Sell Out? & below was the picture of Kendra w. Hank & Kim w. Reggie. SMH! Lol, why do they gotta be a sell out cause their significant other is a different race? These 2 females got their own money, and aren't just your average jersey chasin female. Yeah, sure they're probably famous for nothin really, but at least these ladies get their OWN money. Props to you Kendra & Kim for doin your thang, no matter how you started gettin it! 'Cause your STILL gettin it! =)

Okay, enough of that, the pics were from the Transformers premiere. Enjoy some more!

Chris Breezy Gets 5 Years Probation & Rihanna Is Such A Fashionista

So I don't wanna toot my own horn or nothin, but I must say I was one of the first people to report that Chris Breezy whooped Princess Riri's ass. How could I forget? It was the Sunday of the Grammy's & everyone was wondering, where were they? Well yeah, *toot! toot!* Anyway, here goes the footage from court yesterday. I know Chris is pretty relieved that's all he got, but that's wrong. In Washington State alone, his ass woulda got automatic jail time & then some. I mean, the system's gonna own his ass for 5 whole years, but he got away with this, so who knows what else they're gonna let him get away with.

Oh yeah, & whats up with them zooming in on Riri's earings? LOL. & she knows she don't have ish in that damn suit case!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon & Kate Finally Getting A Divorce

I'm sure you've read this everywhere else, but Kate has finally filed for divorce from her husband Jon. I think this is just so sad. They've been married for only 10 years! Damn... I just feel so bad for the kids...it's nice to know they're well taken care of, but at the same time, that's a lot to deal with. I guess reality shows can truly fck up you life! It also didn't help that she was a crazy ass biotch. =*(

Jarv Dee Clownin Around W. His Baby

Cloud Nice member & MC Jarv Dee is a foo. He had me dyin for like 10 mins, lol. Click play & see why!

His mixtape, Talkin Shit will be hittin the streets REEEAL SOON!

The Clipse Ft. Kanye - Kinda Like A Big Deal [Video]

Finally! I've been waitin for this to come out. Enjoy!

GMK - B.O.B. (Birth Of Bloggers) His Rendition Of DOA!

The oh so Brillliant GMK has put his own twist on HOV's "Death Of Autotune" with "Birth Of Bloggers". I freakin love it! Not only does he kill it, he does it with such style. Enlighten yourself by clickin the link below. You can thank me later. I also hope to see all of you this coming Sunday for his ice cream social. You know I'm in there. Well out there...=)

GMK - D.O.A to B.O.B

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Necole Bitchie & Trigga?!

So I'm not exactly sure on what's goin on here. I know Trey was w. my girl Helen for a while, but I'm not sure if they're together now, & I would hope not with his lips acting like that! If ya'll don't know who Necole Bitchie is, she's a blogger from ATL & her blog is pretty dope too! I guess bein a blogger is kinda HOTT right now...ha! ;)
Props to GossipJacker.

Choklate - Suns Out/Grown Folks

The very beautiful Choklate has released a video for "Suns Out" & has also thrown in a little somethin-somethin for the "Grown Folks" as well. Love the video. Peep Malcolm Jamal Warner gettin all fresh w. Ms. Choklate too! Too cute! =)

More Gucci Videos! Photoshoot & I Think I Luv Her

Here go some more videos from Gucci Gucci. So glad he's comin out with videos for his bangers.

The Hangover

Everyone's been talkin about this movie, and I can see why. The ish is hilarious. From beginning to end, I was crackin up. If you haven't seen it yet, GO NOW! Oh yeah & a word of advice, you gotta stay and watch the ending credits...there's something quite interesting to see! LMAO!

Flinstone Nike Big Nike

No word on the release date yet, but who cares, I'll never be able to get em since my feet are too small. =( Or maybe they'll come out with some Bam Bam ones in my size, lol.

Update: Oops, my bad. Had the wrong title of the shoe up. I have such great readers. Big ups to you "Anonymous"! =)



Props Hypebeast.

Another Hot Mixtape: Cool Kids - Gone Fishing w. Don Cannon

I know, I know, I'm late! But this mixtape is seriously CRACK! If you haven't got on it yet, you need to wake up asap cause your really missin out on some good music. I love the whole thing, but "Jump Rope" is seriously my fav. There's also a chick by the name of Jahda spittin on the song "The Last Stretch" & I will say she's pretty filthy. "Get out my lane, this is my space hoe. You just gettin a name, you's a MySpace hoe!"

Click here, cause you know you need this in your life.

J. Cole's Mixtape "The Warm Up"

The first artist to be signed onto Roc Nation has again brought you some fire. The mixtape is dope. He even does pretty well on that "Dead Presidents". I swear to you, light skin is so takin over hip-hop. J. Cole is proving he is gonna be in this game for a long time.

Click here to Download the whole shabang.

Gucci Ft. Juelz & Big Boi - She Got A Friend [Video]


Mick Boogie Presents Jabee "Must Be Nice" Mixtape

LOL! Coming August 17th, Mick Boogie & Jabee will be bringin you some dopeness with the release of the "Must Be Nice" mixtape. There will be tons of features from El Prez to Black Spade to XV. Mark your calendars boooooy!

Jabee Ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y & Ob-one - LITTLEearth

MTO Can Sit Down!

If ya'll aren't familiar with MediaTakeOut, it's a blog site that is basically the "Star Magazine" of the Urban Industry. They twist and report anything they feel is joosey. While browsing the other day, I ended up clicking the title "SHE KISSED A GIRL … AND SHE LIKED IT!!! MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS OF POP SINGER JORDIN SPARKS AND HER CLOSE FEMALE COMPANION!!". After clickin it, I saw that it was my girl Leah Labelle from Seattle! Leah is famous for bein on American Idol & she can also be seen in Keri Hilson's "Turnin Me Off" video. I can't believe MTO really does corny ish like this. She is not gettin it in w. Jordin Sparks & I'm 100% sure my girl is strictly...well you know the rest. Please believe you will NEVER, EVER read any fraudulent stories on my blog....real talk!