Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pics From Neema's Unplugged Show @ The Nectar

If you weren't there on Thursday, you so missed out! The band I believe was called Direct Supply &/or Key Element w. Kevin Garnett & they were filthy! They even had some OG rappers & they were just too funny, but very entertaining. Spaceman of course did his thang. Had somebodies momma up there givin him the bidness too! LOL. Mad Rad was suprisingly DOPE! White boys shoutin out "Pop that pu**y!" LMAO! Neema aka Mr. 10K did awsome with the band too. Overall a good show! Oh yeah & shout outs to Ms. Mellisa as well!

This dude was hellie tall. I thought he was security! LOL

Me & Missy

OG Rapper

Thats my cuzzo's new boo! He was killin that guitar! LOL


Grynch & Melissa

Neema aka Mr. 10K

Damn I'm SHORT! Don't you just love his shirt?!

Space, Diggz & Ken

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so in rush that nite i left my glasses..