Monday, August 10, 2009


Ms. Keyshia Cole is the newest member of the "let me shave my head" crew but I must say Ms. Cole is killin you hoes. The stars are on point, & the curls are the business. She got me contemplating on doin this myself!

The newly single Kim Kardashian showed up to the Teen Choice Awards with some brighter hair. Some of the sites aren't liking it, but I love it. She looks super fresh! Get a load of that Reggie!

Ok, so Keyshia Cole is really in love. I just found this picture of her man Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. I mean I think its precious that they are so in love & decided to you know match, but damn with the stars and the hair and the dye?! DAMN! He/She must got that A1 YOLA!

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