Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reality Love....? Cali Hosts A Party In Seattle.

This Sunday Cali from VH1's Real Chance At Love & I Love Money hosted a party at Club Fusion in the U-District. I haven't been to an 18 & over function in so long! When I got there, I was so thrown off by all the little freaks in there! These young kids were goin at it! I shoulda took some pics huh? LOL. Anyways, Cali did a nice job hosting the party. I was accompanied by my guys Clemm Rishad & Teddy Tee (MTV's From G's To Gents). It seem'd as if Cali liked her some Teddy cause she wasn't completly all over him....but she was. ;) Anyway be on the look out for a very cute interview with the two of them coming reeeal real soon. & don't forget about RealTeddyTee.tv too!

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