Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chris Brown Is Really BLACKLISTED From Walmart!

There's been a lot of talk that Chris Brown was basically lying about his album being "blacklisted" at a Walmart to cover up his poor album sales, but this young lady right here proves those folks wrong. People need to get over this shit tho. We have a "war" goin on in Iraq, we have old ladies gettin jumped & people killing cops & this is what people are focused on? Ya'll are wrong for knockin this man's hustle. SMH...

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-Bonita.Bree' said...

-- Iknw Im very upset about it myself.. he did all he can to make himself better and noone gives him the credit.. while rihanna is paradin around with no clothes on ..but i bet her album was all over the shelves.. smh..
-- I hope he gets through this without doing anything irrational