Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger's Wife Goes Ham & So Does Trigga...?

Tiger Woods was involved with a "car crash" this weekend, but that's not what the world thinks. Rumors are buzzing around saying that Tiger's wife Elin went nutzo on him after rumors on the Internet were leaked saying Tiger was having an affair. To try & cover the situation, they're saying Tiger acted like he got into a car accident so that his bruises and scratches would have explanation.

I'm unsure what to believe. If she went crazy on him, good for her. It's very embarrassing when you have to question these rumors & that you can't trust your partner. If these rumors are false, it's just very odd that he's pulling out of all these appearances & also not opening up about the situation. I'm sure that we'll be hearing the truth soon tho.

Another rumor goin around is that during Trey Songz's bday celebration at a club this weekend, him & R&B singer Joe got it in at the club! It was said that Joe arrived at the club first, got in the VIP area & when Trey finally arrived, Trey took over HIS section that he reserved & Joe wasn't too happy about it. There has not been a confirmation on this, but it'll be interesting to know what really went down!

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