Wednesday, December 16, 2009 3 Questions w. Problem

Last nite was our last show....0f 2009 of course. We're gonna be takin a break for the holidays & we're comin back stronger in Jan. 5th 2010! We went over what we were leaving back in '09 & here were some of the things listed:
-The word "SWAG"
-Skinny Jeans
-Corny hatin
-Mistresses tryna get famous
-Dating reality game shows

Now we also had WestCoast artist Problem as our guest. I swear I used to be on this cat so tough back in the day with his "I'm F*cked Up" record so I was super excited to have him on the show. Here are the 3 questions I asked him that he HAD to answer:

1. If you had a remote control to turn off anyone, who would it be?
-Tigers bitches.

2. If you had 10 mins w. any celebrity chick who would it be?
-His first answer was Lauren London but changed it to Ms. Amber Rose.

3. If you could kick it with any artist that's already passed away, who would it be?
-Marvin Gaye.

For more on Problem hit him up via twitter or check him out at!

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