Tuesday, December 1, 2009

4 Officers Murdered In Parkland, Wa.

This past Sunday 4 Police Officers were murdered in a coffee shop in Parkland, Wa (near Tacoma). One female & 3 males. They believe Maurice Clemmons is responsible for this and everywhere looking for this man.

In the month of November, 5 Police Officers were murdered in this state. Yes, 5. 5 individuals who put their life on the line to protect you, your family, friends, co-workers & even your enemies. It's absolutely ridiculous that such a thing like this could happen. I understand that a lot of us aren't great friends with the police, but they are just doing their job. It sucks because young boys grow up wanting to be policemen. Wanting to help & protect people. How will they be able to protect us now when they can't even protect themselves? I hope they get this man off the streets because who knows who his next victim will be. It may not be an officer next time, it could get worse. Let's not let it happen, period.

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