Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Melissa Shoes & Jean-Paul Gaultier

Remember those little plastic shoes we all used to rock in highschool? Well Melissa Shoe has teamed up with Jean-Paul Gaultier and will be bringin you this cute little sandal (& I'm sure more designs) come Spring 2010. I remember me & all the homies had every color! The low ones & the high ones! & these shoes were so poppin they even made a knock-off! LOL! Ain't sure if I'll want these enough to cop em, but they are kinda cute...in that little girl, lets play dress up type of way.


Amanda said...

These are so rad!! A bunch of new Melissa shoes just arrived (including some Vivienne Westwoods) at Shoplarousse.com. Definitely worth checking out. If you enter INDUSTRY20 at check out you can save an additional 20% too. It's some new coupon code for fashion bloggers.

Anonymous said...

hi i seen dis lady on da bus with hitop malissas on da plastic baby i want sum how would i go about that ( johnsonmleeza@yahoo.com) email me please