Monday, November 2, 2009

50 Cent Ft. Ne-Yo - Have A Baby By Me [Video]

50 sure does kno how to win me back as a fan! I've been seein the still shots of this video everywhere, but I never cared to listen to the song. I'm mad that I slept on it cause its so cute! He's a foo for the chorus tho, but he is speakin the truth! & I love how he has Ms. Kelly Rowland as his leading lady. Good job 50, I will give you credit for puttin out some good music.

DJ Ekin presents: "5 QUESTIONS WITH 50 CENT!"
Ok, so Fiddy's personality is kinda growin on me now. Watch this interview as he addresses Ricky Ross & Tripple C's, his supposed retirement after gettin outsold by Kanye talkin about Hov's age & more!


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