Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get Fresh With Emnace

Emnace (pronounced em-nah-see) is a Seattle based clothing brand that's on its way to the top. They're not just like any other hip t-shirt makin brand like the rest from Seattle. What seperates them from other brands is that they've incorporated our city into some of their designs! They've only been on the scene for about a year, but have already teamed up with names like Redbull Bigtune Seattle champ Marcus D & rap artist Logics (pictured above with Freeway in Emnace & JayBarz). You can get fresh with Emnace by checkin them out at both EQPT locations (north & south), The Cool (in Tacoma) & the 35th N. Skate Shop! Also be on the look out for them in the next issue of D-List magazine!

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Anonymous said...

Manifest of the Fresh!!!