Friday, July 31, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...?

I don't understand how any male can act like a simp. Real talk. Now before I go on I must state that this isn't strictly to anyone in particular, it's just to all you fellas out there who have "bitch" tendencies, and you must stop it asap. As a female, I personally hate it when a man acts like us. It's just wrong in all ways. Men should never be corny and act like the bitches we gossip to them about. Leave it to us to act that way. No offense to you females either, but that's just how it is. Males, just be you. Be the manly men you are, and stop bein all soft and shit. It may be cute to some bitches, but then again them bitches probably ain't shit. We real women want MEN. We already have to worry about these other bitches and they're drama, but to add you to the equation is too much. So please stop that bitchassness immediately and please be the men I kno you can be! =)

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